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Tyler Hubbard is getting ready to release his debut solo project on January 27. He just released a very personal new track called “Me For Me.” The song was written by Hubbard and his friends Russell Dickerson and Thomas Rhett. The song highlights the beautiful parts of a relationship and loving people for who they are.

Tyler told us, “So, what I want fans to take away from ‘Me For Me’ is ultimately, I hope they get to know me a little bit more. It’s very literal, ha. It’s very much who I am and who I was, and also the beauty of finding the right person who loves you for you, and I remember finding that with my wife Hayley, and just almost being surprised and shocked that she didn’t expect me to change this, change that. I had had previous relationships that were kind of that way.”

He continued, “So, I met her. I just thought I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing, and eventually she’s gonna ask me to change and tweak some things, if you will. But she never did. And I just thought that was really special. I always felt like she really just loved me for me. So that’s kind of the heart behind the song, and I hope that’s what the fans take away.”

Hubbard posted a thank to fans after the song’s release this week on his Instagram; he wrote, “Thank you so much for all the love on ‘Me For Me.’ I’m always so grateful for the support on the new music and can’t wait to get more to you in a few weeks.”

A few days ago, he posted a fun picture of his co-writers and their wives together, writing, “I wrote “Me For Me” with my good buddies @thomasrhettakins and @russelled. We weren’t even planning on writing that day, but it just kinda happened. It quickly became one of my favorite songs on the album. We know each other so well that I think this song could have only been written with these two.”

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