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Across the nation apartments are shrinking. RentCafe compared average apartment sizes in major US cities from 10 years ago and compared them to the average square footage of new apartments being built in those same major US cities to gauge whether the average apartment size is growing or shrinking. Even though many reports show that Americans themselves are growing, the spaces they live in are shrinking.

As a whole in 2022 America saw the largest year-over-year decrease in apartment size in a decade, down 30 square feet. Over the past 10 years the size of apartments in Silver Spring, MD dropped by a whopping 114 square feet!

Now for the good news: for some reason, while most cities saw shrinking apartments, Boston (who has the 8th smallest apartments in the country) saw apartments grow by 14 square feet over the observed 10 year period. So even though we might feel more congested than ever in the city, somehow our apartments are getting roomier! Go us!

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