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Keith Urban is playing his Las Vegas residency shows this weekend before he wraps for a few months and returns to Vegas for more shows in June. Keith talked to People about featuring footage from his 2006 wedding to Nicole Kidman in his show.

While he performs his 2010 song “Without You,” footage from the Australian wedding flashes on an oversized screen, giving fans a glimpse of the nuptials. Keith said, “I wanted to do it in a very organic way and find the right song. It was really more about choosing to do that song, ‘Without You,’ and how that felt like the right time for that.”

Urban added that he got permission from his wife to air “just a little bit” of video from that day. He noted, “I don’t know if that’s her favorite song, but it was the right one for the footage.”

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Keith loves to keep things spontaneous in his Las Vegas show and often takes requests from the audience and plays songs on the post. At a recent, a fan requested that he perform Air Supply’s “All Out of Love,” a song Urban played in 1983 on the Australian TV talent show New Faces. He played it, but it had been a while. Urban said, “I couldn’t believe I remembered the words. I probably haven’t sung that song since I was 16. I have a sick memory for song lyrics. It’s ridiculous, like, pretty ridiculous. I literally will not have played a song in 20 years, and I’ll pick up a guitar and start playing it, and the words just come. I’m literally going, ‘How do I know these words?'”

He doesn’t remember everything, though, he admits, “But I’ll lose my car keys just like that, so it’s selective memory.” He noted, “I love driving, and almost everywhere I go, I’ll rent a car so that I can drive myself everywhere.”

Urban continued, “I especially love driving after a gig. If it’s just a little hike to wherever I’m staying, it’s heaven to just be in the car on my own after a show. It’s really nice coming off a stage with such an intense, rowdy environment to then immediately be in a car with something calm playing, or just some Ray Charles or something just completely chill.”

Keith recently added some dates to his Planet Hollywood Zappos Theater shows for 2023. His 2023 dates are June 2023: 16, 17, 21, 23, 24, 28, 30, July 2023, and November 2023: 1, 3, 4, 10, 11, 15, 17, and 18.

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