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The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is advocating for the restriction or prohibition of cellphone use among K-12 students in schools, with the possibility of a statewide mandate in the future. Commissioner Jeffrey Riley announced the department’s intention to establish a grant program worth up to $1 million to support districts that pilot cellphone restriction policies.

During a monthly meeting of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, teachers, administrators, and students from schools that have already implemented cellphone restrictions or bans were invited to share their experiences. Several representatives discussed policies that required students to surrender their phones at the beginning of class, while others extended restrictions to hallways as well.

Some attendees expressed concerns about the effectiveness of these measures. They argued that eliminating phones entirely might not address the underlying issues of academic and social distractions. They also contended that blanket bans fail to teach students responsible phone usage and self-control. Some parents emphasized the need for constant connection with their children and expressed concerns about potential school emergencies.

What do you think of banning cell phones in schools? We’d love to hear from you!

Young People Are Flocking To Live In These Two New England States

One factor which can help determine the financial future of certain states versus others is interest from the youth. If younger people (ages 25-29) are collectively setting up shop in a certain state, it can be assumed that that state will reap financial benefits as those younger people become more established in their careers (as long as they stay in that state).

US News and World Report took a peek at which states currently have booming youth populations. These are the results. New England looks to have a pretty bright future ahead as 2 New England states make the Top 5.

Massachusetts didn’t fare too well by the way, finishing at #31. Massachusetts‘ population has been slipping lately. What states are Bay State residents leaving for?? Get that answer RIGHT HERE.

  • Biggest Youth Population Growth - #5

    Youth Population Change: 0.06%

  • Biggest Youth Population Growth - #4

    Youth Population Change: 0.18%

  • Biggest Youth Population Growth - #3

    Youth Population Change: 0.53%

  • Biggest Youth Population Growth - #2

    New Hampshire!
    Youth Population Change: 0.69%

  • Biggest Youth Population Growth - #1

    Youth Population Change: 0.78%

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