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It’s been the “Wienermobile” since the day it hit the roads for the first time way back in 1936. But alas, it’s the Wienermobile no longer.

A Wienermobile name change? Oscar Mayer announced that the iconic hot dog on wheels will be rebranded as the “Frankmobile.” I’m sorry but I hate it.

I understand that having “wiener” as part of the name isn’t the most 2023 PC choice. Even when I was a kid waaaaaayyyyy back in the day my friends and I giggled at the name – but – we still loved that Wienermobile. Just like I’ve seen countless kids love it despite the silly name for years since.

Even if they wanted to change the name (which has been a part of Americana for almost 100 years), you can’t tell me that the best the entire company could come up with was the “Frankmobile?!?” Wiener is a dated term for a hot dog but so is frank (short for frankfurter). I’d expect a Frank Sinatra impersonator or Frankenstein to bust out of the Frankmobile. If someone told me that the Frankmobile would be making an appearance at an event, I’d expect a food truck. Then when the hot dog on wheels shows up I’d think, “dang, who is this Wienermobile knock-off?!”

Do I understand why Oscar Mayer wants to change the name in 2023? Yes, I get it. I just think the “Frankmobile” sucks.
Also – I’m proud that this article isn’t full of dumb hot dog puns. Just throwing that out there.

But hey, while we’re talking hot dogs, here’s some that are so good you should go get 5 right now:

Hot Dogs Worth Traveling For In New England

  • Doogies in Newington, CT

    Home of the TWO-FOOTER hot dog. Bring Tums.

  • Simco's in Mattapan (Boston, MA)


  • Johnny Ad's in Old Saybrook, CT

    Since 1957 – so much history.

  • Flo's Hot Dogs - Cape Neddick, ME

    It’s all about the steamed dogs here… and the homemade relish.

  • Nick's Hot Dogs - Fall River, MA

    Grab a coffee milk while you’re at it!

  • Daddy's Beach Club - Hull, MA

    Nothing like grabbing a dog from their grab n’ go window then taking in the views of Nantasket beach right across the street.

  • Super Duper Weenie - Fairfield, CT

    All condiments are made on premises including hot relish, sweet relish, Texas style and Cincinnati style chili – and don’t pass on those fresh cut fries!

  • Wein-O-Rama - Cranston, RI

    Check out “the works” – mustard, spicy meat sauce, onions, and celery salt on a steamed bun.

  • Simone's Hot Dog Stand - Lewiston, ME

    Home of the “red snapper” hot dog. (No worries, they’re not made of fish.)

  • Gilley's PM Lunch - Portsmouth, NH

    Choose between plain, chili, kraut, chili-cheese, or “loaded.”

  • Al's French Fries - Burlington, VT

    All about the flattop grill and buttered, grilled buns! (And obviously they have killer fries too!)