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Deal Or No Deal: A $50 Scratch Ticket For A Shot At $25 Million In Massachusetts

What's the most money you've ever spent on one scratch ticket? Well, get ready to spend more! How does the saying go... You have to spend money to make money? Here's you're chance to spend more in order to make more.  A $50 scratch ticket will be available in Massachusetts starting February 7, 2023. Here comes the Billion Dollar Extravaganza! It's Massachusetts' first ever $50 scratch ticket. And it could mean $25 million in your pocket. Got an itch for this scratchy? The Billion Dollar Extravaganza ticket will reportedly offer more than $1 billion in total winnings. Three $25 million top prizes for an instant ticket is the largest amount given in instant ticket history for Massachusetts State Lottery. Other prizes include five $2 million prizes and 15 prizes worth $1 million. According to NBC 10 Boston, Lottery Director, Mark William Bracken said in a meeting of the Lottery Commission, "This will be the best chance to win $500 and $1,000 in the history of the Massachusetts Lottery." So, will you be taking your chances and buying in? Do you have a lucky store to buy your ticket? Check this out: [select-listicle listicle_id="1054948" syndication_name="lucky-7-top-mass-lottery-winners-and-where-they-bought-their-ticket" description="no"]