Who Are The Hottest Boston Athletes? There’s ONE Clear Winner

Who are the hottest Boston athletes? This is a question we asked on social media and we received a variety of answers. Before we reveal the list, let's take a look at the criteria for this list. For this list, we were being as superficial as possible. No, we aren't asking about ability, awards, rings or popularity. We were referring to strictly looks. Leave it to other sports outlets to talk about stats. We wanted to have fun with this list and give everyone some eye candy. The other criteria for the list is, we want CURRENT athletes only. For the most part, Tom Brady would dominate this list so we didn't feel it would be fair. Hence why we wanted to mention only current athletes. But we did receive honorable mentions of other former athletes. Those included Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Jason Varitek and Paul Pierce. But as we mentioned, we aren't looking for former Boston athletes when it comes to this ranking. With the amount of athletes we received, we found it was impossible to rank them in a particular order. WITH THE EXCEPTION of who #1 is. The #1 hottest Boston athlete is very clear. This athlete was mentioned the most number of times and it was a landslide win. The others, were mentioned multiple times but very sporadically. So we won't be giving any athlete an actual ranking, with the exception of #1. Let us be very clear too. We DID allow for men AND women to be mentioned on this list however, we unfortunately received zero votes for any female athletes. Hence why none are mentioned. So enjoy the eye candy. And if there is someone you think we may have missed, let us know. After all, we are just relaying the answers of the group of people we polled. But we can always add to the list.

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