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Market Basket Payment Issue Fixed

What decade is it? Thousands of frustrated New England shoppers are asking that question this week. The now infamous Market Basket payment issue forced thousands of customers back into the 80's earlier this week forcing us to use only cash. I know as I was one of them. Tuesday night while shopping at the Waltham Market Basket location, I noticed a massively long line at the ATM and customer service window. Blushing it off like as if it was a special coupon night, I continue shopping. I then started noticing something a little more odd: abandoned shopping carts, filled with groceries. What the heck is going on? The Glitch Then, over the speakers I hear: We apologize: our card reader system is down. As of right now, our registers can only take cash or check. We are working to fix this issue as fast as we can. You can visit our ATM near our customer desk. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding. For the first time while shopping at Market Basket for eight years, the card reader system was down COMPANY WIDE. It was a shocking wake up call to the reality that our cashless world of computers doesn't always work. I was a little disheartening to see thirty-plus people in a long line at the ONE ATM. What was oddly noticeable was the fact that ALMOST EVERYONE LIKE ME, relied on some form of credit card to pay. Yes, you could use a check, but you had to fill out an application and get approved on the spot at the customer service window. The harsh reality is that we maybe relying TOO heavily on a cashless system, or simply, computers in general. If you're planning to shop, I'd call ahead to see if your location has fixed the problem. Hopefully the phone system is different than the card reader system. I wish the store the best of luck in fixing this Market Basket payment issue soon, if in fact it's not totally fixed as mentioned above. It's a great supermarket chain who loves their customers. While in line, they gave us cookies.

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