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Boston’s Unruly Rat Problem – One Of The Absolute Worst In The U.S.

Boston is one of the rattiest cities in America. Well, not just rats. In a recent study by New York-based pest inspector Doctor Sniffs, Boston ranks fourth on a list of the most pest-infested cities in America. Not a great and prestigious list to be on. Definitely not something we should be bragging about. The study actually analyzed census data from 2021 specifically when it came to rat and cockroach infestations. According to a statement from Doctor Sniffs: “The city faced 417.8 rat sightings and 74.4 cockroach sightings across a year time frame." As nasty as that sounds, Doctor Sniffs also analyzed strictly rat infestations in each city and New York City is ranked #1 for the most rats in America. I don't believe this is too surprising a statistic. There were 1225 rat sightings in New York City during the analyzing period. This is nothing new for Boston. Just last year, Boston was named the 13th "rattiest" city in America according to a study from Orkin. Rodent infestations become more severe of an issue in the fall and winter months so it seems as if Boston's pest problem will only get worse in the coming months. The other issue with these types of infestations is the fact that these pests carry diseases like Salmonella and Hantavirus. So what should you do to control the pest population in your city? First off, CLEAN! Do NOT leave trash or litter or even uncovered trash cans in and around your apartment or house. Store all food in containers and leave NO food out on any surface. Make sure your plumbing has no leaks. And close off places where pests can hide. That being said, below are the most pest-infested cities in America. Thinking none of these cities will surprise anyone. Boston continues to be in the top 10.