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9 Fun, Non-Football Things To Do At Patriot Place in Foxboro

9 Fun, Non-Football Things To Do At Patriot Place in Foxboro Well, football is back, and that means Patriots Place in Foxboro is the hottest spot in Massachusetts come Sundays. But we wondered: what some fun, non-football things to do at Patriot Place in Foxboro? We're not all pigskin proponents, right? Living in a house filled with rabid New England Patriots fans can be an exercise in patience for anyone who'd rather discuss Real Housewives and pumpkin spice than touchdowns and field goals. When football fever strikes, you're the odd one out. When the TV roars to life with the big game, non-football enthusiast finds themselves in a sticky situation. They're on a quest to seek refuge from the relentless cheer of touchdowns and tackles. But where can they escape to in this end zone of pigskin pandemonium? As they attempt to strike up conversations, it's like a relentless blitz from their Patriots-loving family. Have you ever tried to discuss the latest Bravolebrity, only to be met with a swift interception in the form of a question about that last flag on the field? It's like trying to sip a latte while being tackled by a linebacker. Stay strong, you fabulous, football-free self! Patriot Place in Foxboro offers a treasure trove of exciting experiences beyond football's grasp. There are diverse dining options, from upscale restaurants to casual eateries, savoring culinary delights. You can delve into shopping heaven with trendy boutiques and flagship stores. How about outdoor events at the plaza or watch a movie at the cinema? If you want to dip a toe into the football culture, there's The Hall at Patriot Place, a sports museum. With so much diversity, Patriot Place ensures an unforgettable time, football or not! Here are 9 Fun, Non-Football Things To Do At Patriot Place in Foxboro  

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