Not The “S” Word! Massachusetts Prepares For Snow, Freezing Rain This Week

Get ready! The snow will be here before you know it. For some, it may actually be here THIS week.  So technically, we are smack dab in the middle of fall. But we all know, in New England, the weather does not understand calendars and it can be extremely unpredictable. In most homes, we play the heat game. You know that game: How long can we go without turning the heat on in the house. Not sure if this is a way to save money or if it’s just a fun game we play with ourselves. Either way, as the weeks go on, it’s getting harder and harder to avoid the fact that, the snow is coming! Will Massachusetts see its first snow fall this week? It is a possibility. Now I know we just had weather in the 60s yesterday but we all know, we're living in New England and that means nothing. According to WCVB, temperatures will fall into the 30s tonight which leaves it open for freezing rain and snow potentially in higher elevations. There will be precipitation tonight into Thursday morning which could make for a slippery morning commute for the Worcester Hills and Berkshires. Snow is NOT expected for the areas in and around Boston although where snow is expected, there won't be more than 1 inch of accumulation. This of course is for the highest terrain areas of the Berkshires. And while the big storm is not expected just yet, know that it is coming. When it will hit has yet to be seen.  Also, let us remind you that it is a law in Massachusetts that you can't warm up your car! We all do it, but technically it's not allowed. Find out why and other ridiculous things that are illegal here.