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You’ll Never Believe What Roger Clemens’ Daughter-In-Law Was Doing In The Sewer

Callie Clemens is an animal lover and recently, she crawled her way underground in the Houston storm drains to search for a litter of lost puppies. Callie Clemens is the ex-daughter in law of Red Sox baseball legend, Roger Clemens. Standing at a petite five-feet tall, Callie was able to use her body to shimmy down into the storm drain entrance. She heard there was a litter of lost puppies in Houston. The Search And Rescue Of The Lost Puppies Callie spent a grueling twenty hours above ground searching for the dogs. Sadly she had no luck finding them above ground. But she didn't give up! So she opened the storm drain and entered the dark under-tunnels of Houston, Texas. It was excruciatingly hot under ground. It was undeniably smelly. She had a flashlight with her and in the video you could hear her saying, "Come here puppies, where are you?" In the video, Callie is clearly met with a nasty environment. There was brown sludge in the tunnels. You can almost smell it just by looking at the video. While Callie is small, the tunnels were also small and she had to spend much of the search on her knees trying to get through the concrete tunnels. Callie told Inside Edition that she got an infection on her leg from the scrapes. Her legs were also filled with bruises, which she showed Inside Edition host, Ann Mercogliano. After eight hours of searching underground, Callie finally found two of the puppies! She noticed that when she shined her flashlight on their eyes, they reflected back at her. That's how she was able to find them. Video Of The Incredible Moment: What To Do When You Think You've Lost Puppies If you think you've lost your dog, first of all, don't panic! Take a deep breath. Once you've taken a deep breath, follow these steps. First, check your home and neighborhood thoroughly. Dogs often don't venture far. Notify your neighbors, local animal shelters, and vet clinics. Use social media to spread the word. Post clear pictures, unique characteristics, and your contact information. Utilize online lost and found pet platforms. Contact local animal control agencies to file a lost pet report. Check regularly if any found pets match your puppy's description. Physical posters in your neighborhood can also be effective. Remember to include a recent photo and description. Microchipped pets have a higher chance of being reunited, so ensure yours is chipped and details are up-to-date. Stay vigilant, keep searching, and don't lose hope; many lost pets find their way home. This Video May Help If You've Lost Your Puppies RELATED: [select-listicle listicle_id="1108154" syndication_name="7-gross-things-that-dogs-eat-that-vets-have-to-take-out-their-stomachs" description="yes"]

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