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Check Out This Guy’s Advice On How To Take Good Care Of Your Lady

Old school or old fool? Dating advice from a pro? If you think dating is hard these day then you have to check out this guy’s advice on how to take good  care of your lady.  So, are you ready for some dating advice? It has become a TikTok virus video that has both sides of the fence arguing. Do his old school rules still apply to today’s world? Or is he just a relic of the past? Chivalry is still alive You have to hand it to this gentleman for still, believing that chivalry is alive and well. He is adamant that there are certain things a man should do to take good care of your his lady. At no time does he say the lady is in capable of doing these things. He just thinks it’s what every man should do or his lady. He has certain rules about car maintenance! It seems as though MrDaddy63 has a very strong point of you when it comes to car maintenance. He feels it should always be up to the man in the relationship to do everything from wash the car to take it to the repair shop. He feels that when a woman goes to get her car fixed or repaired, they will be taken advantage of. Here are Daddy’s rules Gentleman, have you been taking care of your lady?  A TikTok'er who calls himself MrDaddy 63 shared his "Five Things That Women Should Not Be Doing."  This is stuff that YOU should be doing for HER. Wash, rinse and good to go Here we go:  You should wash her car, fill the gas tank, check the fluids, and when you're together . . . always open the car door for her. Yes, those are all car-related, but here's one that stands on its own.  Stop by the Hallmark store and get her a nice card.  I repeat.  NICE card.  Don't ruin the whole thing by skimping on something cheap. The overriding theme, according to MrDaddy 63, is that your lady should always know you love her . . . each and every day. Check Out This Guy's Advice On How To Take Good Care Of Your Lady

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