A.I. Shopping Carts Are Coming To A Store Near You

We have all been inundated with everything A.I. In just the past year alone it has become the most talked about invention for the future. It had Hollywood actors and script writers in fear of their jobs so much that they went on a massive strike last year to scale back how much A.I. can be used in movie and television production. We know a little about the potential it can carry with everything from medicine to song writing, but did you even think about an A.I. shopping cart? Just when you thought going to the grocery store was getting more and more complicated with long self check out lines and bringing your own bags, unless you want to pay for the ones the store provides. Now here comes the A.I. Shopping cart. A.I. will change the way we grocery shop Instacart has been testing A.I. shopping carts that might change the way we shop.  They do a lot more than just hold groceries. There's a touchscreen to keep track of your shopping list . . . a scale to weigh vegetables . . . and a scanner that automatically tracks what you're buying and adds it all up. Once you're done, you don't need to scan everything at the register.  It just tells the cashier your total, or you can pay on the cart itself. It's not a brand-new idea.  A company called Caper A.I. launched the carts in 2019.  Then Kroger stores started testing them in 2021, and Instacart bought the company for $350 MILLION the same year. More major retailers recently started rolling them out, including Shoprite and Schnucks.  So they might be something more and more of us start seeing at supermarkets soon. A reporter in New York tried one the other day and liked it, but did say they're a little bulkier and harder to maneuver than normal carts.  (NY Post) After watching the video my takeaway is that A.I. will be changing everything in the near future and in most ways for the better. So, if I can do my grocery shopping with a really smart cart that will save me time in the check out line, then let's do it.

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