Carolyn Kruse


Wait! We’ve Been Loading Our Dishwashers Wrong? See The Viral Video

"Boot Camp Babs," as she calls herself in this video, thinks most of us are getting it wrong. Babs is a TikToker who is known as "everyone's grandmother." She shares tips and tricks, dos and don'ts on her page. Which just goes to prove, we are all seeking a little mothering in our lives. Brunch with Babs is her official handle on TikTok, and this socially savy media mama has over 2 million followers, and 22.7 million likes overall.  But hold on, her latest video about loading dishwashers is causing quite a stir! So far, this video has 4.4 million views. The mother of 4, grandmother of 8 knows things! How can I have lived my whole life not knowing I could drop the top? What? I'm a grown ass woman.. Clearly still navigating life. Thanks Babs. And keep 'em coming... Babs has plenty of grandma greats to share. So, I'm passing along a few of my favorites. Check them out!