Carolyn Kruse


Are You Dehydrated? Take The TikTok Test

Have you heard about this one? It's a quick, easy skin test to see if you are dehyrated or not, and TikTokers are sharing their results. It's a simple skin pinch test, also known as the skin turgor test. This TikTok trend started when Dr. Karan Raj posted a video doing the test. And Dr. Raj doesn't just play a doctor on TikTok, he is actually a surgical doctor with the National Health Service, in the UK, according to Today Show article.  Most of us don't get our medical advice from TikTok, but this one makes sense. You lose elasticity in your skin, when you are dehydrated. Of course our bodies give us other signs that we need more water, like dry mouth, lips and eyes, the color of our urine, dizziness , fatigue, muscle cramps and headaches, according to WebMD. So, lets get to the test!

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