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Massachusetts Best Corn Mazes of 2023

Corn Mazes are a pretty funny Fall tradition if you think about it. We look forward to the panic, that's all I can come up with. We enter this strange maze of maize and get lost amongst the bugs and snakes and children of the corn until we ponder the possibility of living in there forever (at least we'd have corn to munch) before finally busting out the exit... or create your own exit in a rhinoceros-like charge to freedom. Really the whole idea of a corn maze kind of freaks me out. But every year when the temperature starts to dwindle, I feel that push - "put me in the corn!!" It sounds really odd... but I, like so many, love it. I'll take a good corn maze over a Pumpkin Spice Triscuit any day. So if you love a good corn maze too, let's give you some options! These are 7 of the very best corn mazes you can go get lost in in Massachusetts. Corn mazes have been around forever and before corn mazes became so popular people were already carving mazes into regular ol' fields. I'm having tick paranoia just thinking about that. In modern times corn mazes have burst into a cultural phenomenon, signaling that Fall has cometh - or in more modern times (since we now rush everything) corn mazes now signal that Fall will be here..... uhhh.... eventually at some point. So I'll provide you with seven of the very best corn mazes in Massachusetts. I'll give you the address and a quick line on what makes that particular corn maze so a-maze-ing. Yikes. Sorry about that, it just came out. And while we're gettin' our Fall on, Massachusetts made the Top 10 Best Places for Fall Foliage in the Entire WORLD! Yeah, the entire planet Earth!! 3 New England states made the Top 10 but no other US states made the Top 10. Check out what states and how they ranked RIGHT HERE!

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