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Is It Better To Rake The Leaves Or Leave The Leaves?

Rake leaves or leave them? It's a great debate. Raking leaves is right up there with weeding and snow removal in the fun factor, isn't it? Homeownership certainly has it's moments. But, chin up my fellow outdoor chore procrastinators, there may be a way out of one particular task of contention. Drop the rake, and rev up the lawn mower. Make your leaves into mulch and feed your grass, garden and beds. According to Angi, the homeowners help site, there are definitely some advantages to mowing. They say the pros of mowing, which is ultimately mulching your leaves, range from efficiency to soil advantage. The article states: "mulching leaves into your lawn allows them to break down and boost the soil quality. Maple leaves, for example, have even been shown to reduce weed seed germination. Other leaves, like honey locust, are high in nitrogen, which helps grass and plants grow." Plus, we are more likely to jump to the mowing option because it's fairly quick, easy and less labor intensive. Let's go with easy and quick! Disposing of leaves is costly for your town too. And there's only so much space in this world for disposal of such things. Of course there are pros to raking. It's healthy for you (the exercise) and your lawn. Raking is like a cleansing for your grass. You aerate your lawn with every stroke. And leaving too many clumps of leaves can lead to mold and disease. I guess the best scenario would be to get your kids to do the raking. Then it's a win/win. In an article released last year by National Public Radio (NPR), they clearly laid out the advantages of mowing/mulching. It's all broken down for you below.

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