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Aloha, Boston.

Hawaii just got a lot closer. Hawaiian Airlines has non-stop service from Boston to Honolulu!

Fly to Hawaii with Hawaiian Airlines and you’ll be served complimentary meals when you’re hungry and drinks when you’re thirsty. You’ll also be
treated to their award-winning Hawaiian Airlines service all the way there. And if you’re flying on to a Neighbor Island, no one offers more flights than they do.

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Hawaiian Airlines and Country 102.5 want to send you on a tropical vacation!

One lucky winner will receive two round trip airline tickets to Hawaii from Boston if they can correctly guess how many points Boston will score in their basketball game. lf we choose your name and you guess the exact amount of points that Boston will score that game you’ll be on your way to Hawaii!

Make sure to tune in to our sister station 98.5 The Sports Hub on game days to see if your name is read and picked the correct score!

Enter your guess here and good luck!

Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaii’s largest and longest-serving airline, offers non-stop service to Hawaii from the U.S. mainland and international destinations. Experience Award Winning Service on Hawaiian Airlines.

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Contest Rules





These rules apply to the “Score a Trip to Hawaii with Hawaiian Airlines” Multi-Station Contest (“Contest”) conducted by Beasley Media Group, LLC d/b/a WBZ-FM, WKLB, WBOS, WBQT and WROR (each a “Station,” collectively the “Stations”). In addition, the General Contest Rules posted at,,,, and apply to this Contest. If there is a conflict between the General Contest Rules and the Rules for this Contest, the Rules for this Contest shall control.




  1. The Contest will begin on October 14, 2019 and end on April 13, 2020.


  1. To enter online, visit,,,, or and follow the links and instructions to enter the Contest and complete and submit the online entry form during the Entry Period and submit your first name and last name, complete address, city, state, zip code, telephone number, date of birth, a valid email address, and your total score prediction for the Boston professional basketball team beginning on Monday, October 14, 2019 at 9:00AM Eastern Time (“ET”) and ending on Monday, April 13, 2019 at 11:59PM ET (“Online Entry Period”). Online entrants are subject to all notices posted online including but not limited to each Station's Privacy Policy. Limit one (1) entry per eligible person during the Online Entry Period regardless if entrant has more than one email address and regardless of which Station’s website was used to enter. Multiple entrants are not permitted to share the same email address. Entries submitted may not be acknowledged or returned. Proof of submission of an entry shall not be deemed proof of receipt by the Contest administrator.


  1. There may be up to a total of eighty-two (82) winners selected in this multi-Station Contest.





  1. This Contest is open to all Station listeners who are 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry into the Contest, who are legal US residents and reside in Massachusetts, Rhode Island or New Hampshire, except where prohibited by law. Winners must possess a valid, government-issued ID and show proof of residency to verify eligibility.





  1. Up to eighty-two (82) Grand Prizes may be awarded. Each Grand Prize consists of two (2) Round Trip Hawaiian Airlines tickets, in the form of two hundred forty thousand miles (240,000) for the Hawaiian Airlines Miles Program. Approximate Retail Value of each Grand Prize is $1600.00.


Miles will be awarded as a certificate issued from Hawaiian Airlines and must be used within thirty (30) days or put into a Hawaiian Airlines Miles Account. Actual value may vary based on point of departure and dates of booking and travel. Any difference between stated value and actual value, if any, will not be awarded. Prize(s) is subject to availability. All other costs not specifically stated herein, including but not limited to those of taxes, applicable fees, service charges, surcharges or passenger facility charges, meals, tips and ground transportation to/from the airport are the responsibility of the winner. The Station will not replace any lost or stolen tickets, travel vouchers, or certificates. The winner and guest are responsible for obtaining all required travel documents, including, without limitation, valid photo ID (or valid passport(s) for international travel). The winner and guest must sign a Publicity, Liability Waiver and Travel Release form prior to traveling. No compensation will be made in the event of the cancellation or delay of any transportation. Winner will be issued a 1099 for the year in which they won the Grand Prize, regardless of when/if the winner redeems the Grand Prize.


  1. Prize certificate must be claimed at the office of the Station located at 55 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA 02125 Monday-Friday, during regular business hours. Prize or prize certificate must be claimed within thirty (30) days of winning.  Failure to claim Prize by the specified time will result in forfeiture of the prize. It is the winner’s sole responsibility to claim the Prize Certificate within the timeline provided in these Official Rules.





  1. Up to eighty-two (82) Grand Prize winners may be selected in this multi-Station Contest as follows:


Up to one (1) “Qualifier” will be selected the business day prior to each Boston professional basketball game pregame broadcast on the Station during the Contest in a Station-conducted random drawing from all eligible online entries received up until 11:59pm ET on the day prior to the drawing. Each selected Qualifier’s name and total score prediction will be read on-air during the Boston professional basketball game pre-game broadcast which will be designated to the Qualifier as listed below. Selected potential winner does not need to be listening to the pre-game broadcast to win. In the case the winner’s score prediction correctly matches the amount of points scored by the Boston professional basketball during their designated game, a Grand Prize will be awarded to the Qualifier, and Qualifier will be notified by the Station via telephone on or around 12:00PM ET the business day following the Grand Prize-winning occurrence.


Designated Game Drawing Date
10.23.19 10.22.19
10.25.19 10.24.19
10.26.19 10.25.19
10.30.10 10.29.19
11.1.19 10.31.19
11.5.19 11.4.19
11.7.19 11.6.19
11.9.19 11.8.19
11.11.19 11.8.19
11.13.19 11.12.19
11.15.19 11.14.19
11.17.19 11.15.19
11.18.19 11.15.19
11.20.19 11.19.19
11.22.19 11.21.19
11.25.19 11.22.19
11.27.19 11.26.19
11.29.19 11.26.19
12.1.19 11.27.19
12.4.19 12.3.19
12.6.19 12.5.19
12.9.19 12.6.19
12.11.19 12.10.19
12.12.19 12.11.19
12.18.19 12.17.19
12.20.19 12.19.19
12.22.19 12.20.19
12.25.19 12.24.19
12.27.19 12.26.19
12.28.19 12.27.19
12.31.19 12.30.19
1.3.20 1.2.20
1.4.20 1.3.20
1.6.20 1.3.20
1.8.20 1.7.20
1.9.20 1.8.20
1.11.20 1.10.20
1.13.20 1.10.20
1.15.20 1.14.20
1.16.20 1.15.20
1.18.20 1.17.20
1.20.20 1.17.20
1.22.20 1.21.20
1.24.20 1.23.20
1.26.20 1.24.20
1.28.20 1.27.20
1.30.20 1.29.20
2.1.20 1.31.20
2.3.20 1.31.20
2.5.20 2.4.20
2.7.20 2.6.20
2.9.20 2.7.20
2.11.20 2.10.20
2.13.20 2.12.20
2.21.20 2.20.20
2.23.20 2.21.20
2.25.20 2.24.20
2.26.20 2.25.20
2.29.20 2.28.20
3.3.20 3.2.20
3.4.20 3.3.20
3.6.20 3.5.20
3.8.20 3.6.20
3.10.20 3.9.20
3.12.20 3.11.20
3.13.20 3.12.20
3.15.20 3.13.20
3.18.20 3.17.20
3.20.20 3.19.20
3.21.20 3.20.20
3.23.20 3.20.20
3.25.20 3.24.20
3.27.20 3.26.20
3.29.20 3.27.20
4.1.20 3.31.20
4.3.20 4.2.20
4.5.20 4.3.20
4.8.20 4.7.20
4.10.20 4.9.20
4.11.20 4.10.20
4.13.20 4.10.20
4.15.20 4.14.20


  1. Odds of being selected as a Qualifier depend on the number of eligible online entries received at the time of each respective random drawing.


  1. Entrants need not listen to any Station or be present to win. If the winner(s) cannot be contacted within two (2) business days after the Grand Prize is awarded, an alternate winner will not be selected.


  1. Decisions of Station management with respect to the Contest are final.





  1. The Stations reserve the right to end any contest or amend these rules upon announcement on air and by publication at,,,, and


  1. For website contests: By use of each Station’s website and by entering this Contest, entrants agree to each Station’s Terms of Service Agreement and to the use of Personal Information as stated in the Privacy Policy located at,,,, and


  1. Copies of the written Contest rules and a list of all winners are available during regular business hours at the main studio of the Stations, 55 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA 02125, or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Stations.