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Jonathan Has A Message For Scared Kids Download

05:28 Download March 13th

First of all I want to say thank you so much for listening to our show. I’ll bet your mom or dad doesn’t really get us all the time so I’m glad you’re there listening to explain the jokes to them. 


I just want you to know that while sometimes we talk about some really scary things on this show that you shouldn’t be scared. I know things are different and it’s really scary because you look to grown ups to give you answers and right now they might not have a lot. This isn’t that weird. My kids ask me a lot of questions too and believe it or not I’m not always able to answer them. That happens a lot actually. Way too much. 


But, and this is really important, you shouldn’t be afraid. You have parents and other adults in your life who love you very much and would do anything for you. And the reason things seem so scary right now, sports being cancelled and parades being shut down, is because adults care about you SO much that they don’t want this goofy virus to spread any more than it already has even if that means we all have to stay in our houses, or not go to school for a little bit, or not be able to go to a game. But that’s ok. 


Because what that does mean is you have more time to stay inside, watch movies, play games, play with your toys, dance to music, eat your favorite food, and just be a kid. That’s your job right now. 


You know, here’s something I always tell my kids when they start worrying about big things. “You’re fired”. Why do I say that? Because it’s not their job to think about big scary things, that’s my job and that’s your parent’s jobs ok? Your job, and you’ll only be able to have it for the next few years so really appreciate it because there’s no severance I checked with HR, your job is to have fun and be silly and make your parents smile when you see them thinking too hard about big things. 


And if you’re scared of this silly virus you shouldn’t be. I’m not afraid of it and I’m afraid of everything! Most adults right now aren’t afraid either, we’re mad because thanks to this dumb thing we can’t watch sports, or we have to wash our hands (god forbid) a little bit more, or go to our favorite restaurant. Adults really are babies sometimes right?  


Remember it’s not your job to worry. Your job is to be a kid. A silly, loud, messy amazing little kid. So get back to work!


Thanks for listening! 



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