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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Thursday: 14 Year Old Farts Download

01:19:05 Download December 7th, 2023

6am Talk Break 1 

What happens when you go vegan for a month

Lol at the last line of the story

6am Talk Break 2

CVS going to a different drug pricing model

Going to literally do it just long enough to drive the Marc Cuban place out of business and then hike prices back up. 

7am Talk Break 

Americans were asked: Would you rather have $1m now, or 3c for every step you take for the rest of your life?

This is like a math test, and almost half of people failed it.

Or maybe they are just that lazy. 

8am Talk Break

Would you rather go back 10 years or go forward 10,000?

Get a 100% chance to win $1 billion? or get a 99% chance to win $100 billion?

You can only have water and one other drink for the rest of your life, which?

9am Talk break 1 

Woman sentenced to work fast food after throwing food at Chipotle worker

Not excusing what she did but doing the job doesn’t make you more empathetic.

MDMA makes you more empathetic. Sentence her to a rave. 

Worst abuse you’ve suffered in customer service? 

9am Talk Break 2 

Texts: Worst customer service stories 

9am Talk Break 3

Miller wants to make your house smell like a dive bar for Christmas for only $120!

Or you could…you know go to a dive bar and not ruin your house?

What does your house smell like? What would you like it to smell like? 


Norman Lear dead

Actresses are begging you to stop plucking your eyebrows

People’s most intriguing people of the year


More on T S being named person of the year

Ryan Reynolds wants people to stop posting pic from the Deadpool 3 set

Feels Good

Joe Catiglione HOF


Creator of Yellowstone suing over coffee

Diddy is being sued for rape AGAIN

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