Pour a little on the ground for these 11 fast food menu items. Well, for 10 of them anyway. The last one on this list was just a terrible idea from the start. Get ready for those taste buds to get all teary-eyed because here are 10 Discontinued Fast Food Items That We Miss Terribly – And One That’s Just Terrible.

  • McDonald's Fried Apple Pie

    OK let’s start with one that stings right in my childhood. If these were still around I fear I’d still be eating them like I was 7 years-old. I used to love the McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie. It almost always came out dangerously hot. I’ve never licked the sun but I imagine it’d be like this – minus the cinnamon. Still, I loved it despite the repeated severe burns it left me with.

  • Burger King's Angry Whopper

    Speaking of burning, here come the next two items on the list…

    Burger King’s Angry Whopper came out in 2008 to support The Incredible Hulk movie. They featured a quarter pound patty with bacon, habanero cheese, cripy fried onion petals, jalapenos, mayo, and spicy sauce. While they had a loyal rabid fanbase it apparently wasn’t enough and they were axed from the menu. They reappeared in April 2019 for a cup of coffee but soon vanished again and haven’t been seen since.

  • Taco Bell Volcano Burrito

    This spicy guy got 86’d in 2013 because people just couldn’t handle the heat. You got ground beef, Mexican rice, crunchy red tortilla strips, sour cream, and cheddar cheese all wrapped up but the star of the Volcano Burrito was the “lava sauce.” I used to eat it by the handful of packets in the food court. Stop judging.


  • KFC Potato Wedges

    I used to go through the drive-thru at KFC just to order these, sometimes 2 or 3 orders would be my meal (hey, are you judging me again?!). Now that they’ve discontinued these forever I’ve rekindled my love affair with steamed broccoli so thank you (I guess) KFC. But I still miss them…

  • The McRib

    I know, I know… McDonalds routinely brings back the McRib. But did you ever know why it goes away and comes back all the time? Hot rumor says it’s because McDonalds gets an influx of traffic by excited rabid McRib fans whenever it’s brought back… but the excitement quickly fades and sales drop off. Rest and repeat. Brilliant!

  • Burger King's Chicken Tenders

    I forgot about these until I started researching for this article… and….. these were my favorite when I was growing up!! I guess I’m the kiss of death, if I liked it it was doomed. I loved how peppery these were. And they were a perfect two-biter. They dipped well into sauce rectangles. They were great. BUT… society wanted “nuggets” so bye bye, my love. *sniff*

    Chicken Fries have been a pretty decent replacement more recently but the OG tenders were better.


  • Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza

    Sometimes good things happen to good people. People were very upset when the Mexican Pizza was discontinued at Taco Bell so the internet revolted!! Way to go keyboard warriors, you won this battle! Now order TWO Mexican Pizzas so they don’t get the cancel treatment again.

  • McDonald's Chicken Fajitas

    Remember how I said I was the kiss of death? I loved these. Ordered a lot of them. A lot. Anyone else?? *crickets*

    And that’s why they haven’t been seen in years. That’s also why I haven’t sent you Christmas cards. I’m bitter.

    I couldn’t even find a picture of them. (They must have been really unpopular.) So here’s a picture of McDonalds Salsa.

  • Taco Bell's Grilled Stuft Nacho

    So what happens when you take the same ingredients that are in pretty much every Taco Bell menu item but put them in a triangle-shaped tortilla? BINGO! Unfortunately people turned their nose up at the triangle, much preferring rectangles and cylinders and the Grilled Stuft Nacho was retired. I hate the fake word “stuft” anyway. But some people obviously do and there’s a change.org petition to prove it:


  • Burger King's Ch'King

    This is a recent discontinue. Even though customers love the Ch’King – it’s HUGE, spicy, crunchy, moist – yet sales-wise it just didn’t perform as the King hoped so “off with it’s head!” Replaced by the Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich, whatever that is.

  • TERRIBLE IDEA: KFC's Double Down

    Remember this thing??

    Replacing bread with fried chicken patties? And then fill it with cheese and sauce?? Some people loved it… doctors hated it. Eventually KFC threw in the white towel, which I’m pretty sure somebody ate because they thought it was deep-fried.

    Hold up, what?? It’s coming back??:

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