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As of the writing of this article nobody is saying what the FBI is searching for at “the creepy doll place” in Peabody. Every time I catch the story on the news they refer to it as something like that – a store that sells creepy dolls, or something along those lines. I know for sure that I’ve heard the term “creepy dolls” almost every time I’ve heard the story and thought to myself: A) I have noooo idea what’s going on there but I’m scared that it’s really not good and B) what the heck are these creepy dolls and how creepy are they really?!? [Answer: pretty dang creepy.]

So I did a little research. The place that sells the “creepy dolls” is called “Kat’s Creepy Creations,” so all the ‘creepy’ being thrown around immediately makes sense since it’s in the business name. I then saw that they specialize in creepy dolls (there’s that term again), oddities, and bone art. My rabbit hole led me to the business’s social pages where – BOOM – I found examples of the creepy dolls.

I want to be clear that I am not in any way making light of whatever story is unfolding at the business. I have no idea what is being investigated by authorities and fully respect their investigation. I also don’t have any intention to drag the business or the owners. I personally love Halloween and go all out decorating with (mildly) creepy decorations too. But I’m sure there are others, like me, who are curious about the “creepy dolls” that keep getting mentioned on the local news so here you go – 11 Creepy Dolls From That Creepy Doll Place in Peabody That’s in the News:

NOTE: If you see an embedded post you can click the post to be brought to the post on their social media. These are all videos so you need to click to see the “creepified” version in some cases. If you see LINK, you can click that to be brought to the post on their social media as well. Some links just didn’t embed well.