11 Iconic Barbie Dolls You Wish Would Make A Comeback!

OK, so the toy that captured the hearts of children during that era was none other than the fabulous iconic Barbie doll. With her trendy fashion sense, versatile accessories, and imaginative play opportunities, Barbie dolls made for unforgettable playtime experiences.

In honor of the new Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling hitting the big screen next weekend, let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore why Barbie dolls were super fun to play.

I’m sticking with a lot of the 80s dolls. What a time to be alive!

Iconic Barbie Dolls Were Fashionistas Extraordinaire

Barbie was a trendsetter like no other. Her extensive wardrobe boasted a dazzling array of outfits, ranging from glamorous evening gowns to casual chic ensembles. Dressing up Barbie in different outfits allowed us to explore our creativity and experiment with fashion styles. We could create unique looks for every occasion, turning Barbie into a style icon right in our own bedrooms!

Dreamy Careers

Barbie’s career choices were an inspiration for young minds. From doctors to astronauts, Barbie showed us that we could be anything we wanted to be. Playing with Barbie dolls not only ignited our imagination but also encouraged us to dream big and pursue our ambitions fearlessly.

Endless Accessories

Barbie’s accessories were the key to unlocking a world of fun. Whether it was a miniature pink Corvette, a dream house, or a collection of adorable pets, Barbie had it all. These accessories provided us with the tools to create imaginative scenarios and immersive playtime adventures. The possibilities were limited only by our imagination!

Role-Playing Fun

Barbie dolls encouraged interactive play and storytelling. We could create elaborate narratives, act out our favorite movies, or even have a tea party with Barbie and her friends. Playing with Barbie allowed us to develop social skills, learn about empathy, and foster creativity through role-playing.

Connecting with Friends

Playing with Barbie dolls was a great way to bond with friends and siblings. We would gather together, bringing our Barbie dolls along, and create elaborate scenarios, inventing exciting plots and adventures. Sharing this playtime experience made it all the more enjoyable and memorable.

The 80s were undoubtedly a magical era for Barbie dolls.

With their fashionable wardrobes, dreamy careers, and countless accessories, these iconic toys brought immense joy and creativity to our childhoods. Playing with Barbie encouraged us to dream big, express ourselves through fashion, and embark on countless imaginative adventures. These dolls became more than just toys; they were companions that accompanied us on our imaginative journeys. Even now, as we reminisce about those delightful playtimes, Barbie continues to hold a special place in our hearts. So, let’s celebrate the magic of Barbie and cherish the lasting memories she created during the fun-filled 80s!

11 Iconic Barbie Dolls You Wish Would Make A Comeback!

  • 1. 1984 Peaches n' Cream Barbie

    OK, this is so 80s. It’s peach. It’s BIG. It comes with with a SHAWL. Peaches and Cream Barbie was PROM QUEEN.

  • 2. 1985 Dream Glow Barbie

    This Barbie doll was like the friend who was the last to go to bed at a sleepover. When you placed her on the Barbie shelf in your room and shut the lights off, HER DRESSED GLOWED WITH STARS. She was the pal who said at midnight when you’ve already had too much to drink: “What about a FINAL final?”

  • 3. 1985 Magic Moves Barbie

    She has a cape! She moves all by herself! She’s PASTEL! I didn’t have this Barbie, and now I’m going to take it up with my parents.

  • 4. 1984 Loving You Barbie

    The heart dress made this doll. But also? The little stamp sticker that would leave a kiss mark on little notes. Not as much of a kissing bandit as the Kissing Barbie – see below – but she was up for a good time.

  • 5. 1978 Kissing Barbie

    Oh my GOD. Loving You Barbie was the kissing BANDIT of Barbies. I loved this doll. The lipstick dress, the button in the back that made her make out, the SWAK lip prints. ICONIC.

  • 6. Fashion Jeans Barbie

    The boots. The fuzzy sweater. The skin tight jeans. Barbie meets Brooke Shields. Truth be told, those suckers were hard to put back on if you switched outfits.

  • 7. Crystal Barbie

    Total Dynasty rip off and I am NOT MAD ABOUT IT. This Barbie captured the over-the-topness of the 80s and I was here for it.


  • 8. 1980 Western Barbie

    Wait, what? I did not have this Dolly-Parton-Meets-Urban-Cowboy wonder. And now I’m mad. That Farrah-Fawcett do just makes me want to go find this and buy it and live out my Rhinestone Cowboy dreams.

  • 9. 1984 Day to Night Barbie

    Ah, when you were little and work seemed glamorous and fun and you dressed up and felt important and powerful. This doll was more unrealistic than Barbie’s measurements. Today’s Day to Night Barbie would just change take off her bra after a day on zoom and working from the corner of her bedroom.

  • 10. Barbie and the Rockers

    Just because this Barbie looked like Punky Brewster and didn’t care about Ken. She just wanted a career in music and NOTHING was going to stop her.

  • 11. Barbie Bath

    Yeah, I know it’s not a doll. But this is a Calgon-take-me-away commercial in miniature. Plus, we all wanted a tub like this when were little.



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