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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

English footballer Jimmy Greaves at home after his transfer to West Ham United, UK, 13th March 1970. (Photo by Joe Bangay/Daily Express/Getty Images)

Our husbands and partners all do things we find sexy, but some truths are universal – some things we all find sexy. While the internet is fixated on the start of grey sweatpants season, the list is much longer than that. From doing the laundry to washing the car, there are many chances for our man to show off just how sexy he can be. (Guys, take notes!)

Today I break down the top 12 sexiest things our partners can do with some helpful articles just in case they have any questions!

  • 12. Take Out The Trash

    How & Where to Recycle

    Look up how and where to recycle specific items. Every Massachusetts town and city with curbside collection or a drop-off center accepts the following items for recycling, with the same restrictions: If you're not sure whether something belongs in your bin, search the Recyclopedia above or visit: To learn more about local recycling, composting, and hazardous household product collection - including days and hours - contact your community's recycling or solid waste coordinator or department.

    This goes without saying.

  • 11. Wash The Dishes

    Dishwashing Made Easy

    Prep - scrape off food Fill - get some clean, hot, soapy water Wash - scrub them, under the water Rinse - wash off all suds and residue Dry - air dry or towel dry There are two common ways to hand wash dishes: by "diluting" dish detergent in a sink or dishpan filled with water, or by squirting detergent directly onto a sponge or the dirty dish (called the "neat" method).

    Splish, splash, time to give the dishes a bath.

  • 10. Fold The Laundry

    How to Fold Clothes Fast | Maytag

    Want to learn how to fold clothes quickly so you're done with laundry day? Learn fast folding techniques from Maytag that help you get the job done.

    Does your man think it can’t get sexier than washing the laundry? Well, let him know about folding it too.

  • 9. Finish that DIY project

    8 Tips for Finally Finishing Your DIY Projects

    Do you have several unfinished DIY projects laying around your home? Or worse still, unfinished rooms that are unusable and waiting for you to get around to them? You're not alone, since a recent study found that more than half of U.S. homeowners have at least one uncompleted home project.

    Is your DIY project older than your dog? Can you celebrate its birthday? Is your husband guilty of always needing a few more days to finish that project started 4-12 years ago? Let him know that this may just be one of the sexiest things he can do.

  • 8. Do The Laundry

    101 Laundry Tips, Tricks and Hacks

    4. Rock salt stains on your slacks? Brush the pants with a soft hairbrush in a sweeping motion to remove dried rock salt, mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar with 1 quart of warm water and sponge on any remaining salt stains. Let them air dry and then launder pants as usual.


    This is a great place to start, but the fun has just begun. If he completes this one (#4) and #5, he can appear sexy for hours.

  • 7. Clean Your Car

    Clean Your Car Like a Pro! - Car Cleaning Tips - A Girls Guide to Cars

    These car cleaning tips will get your car looking new again. Or at least new-ish. Growing up with a dad and brother who were both "motor heads," I learned to have pride in the car I drove. I learned to pull out all the gear in the backyard and get the outside to shine, down...

    Are your Dunkin’ bags accumulating? Is your car covered in dirt from parking in all those dirt lots besides the youth soccer league’s field? With the warm weather next week, the time has never been better than now to clean your car. Break out that lawn chair and enjoy watching your man make your car shine.

  • 6. Watch Bachelor in Paradise Without Complaining

    shh im watching bachelor in paradise wine glass
    None of us asked for two episodes a week of Bachelor in Paradise, yet here we are. If you can make it through two nights a week of Paradise, so can he.

  • 5. Clean The Sink After He Shaves

    How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom in 10 Steps

    Rid your bathroom of lurking germs with these bacteria-targeting bathroom cleaning tricks. From how to descale a shower head to the easiest (and least gross) way to scrub the toilet, consider this your ultimate bathroom-cleaning guide. The process of deep cleaning your bathroom isn't as complicated as you might think-follow these steps to make every inch of your bathroom sparkle.

    You love his beard but hate his mess.

  • 4. Agree with you

    Why she's always right

    Today you're going to learn, perhaps, one of the quickest ways you can win back the heart of your wife. It's another one of those things that might not make sense at first, but trust us, if you are willing to give it a try you will experience a miracle in your relationship.

    Have you ever been wrong? I didn’t think so.

  • 3. Make The Bed

    How to Make Your Bed

    You've probably heard it from your mother a million times, but making your bed every morning is a must. It makes the entire bedroom look neater and more organized, and slipping between the sheets will seem far more inviting come bedtime....

    You can’t mess up the bed if it hasn’t been made…

  • 2. Feed The Baby During The Night

    12 Tips for When Dad Feeds a Newborn

    Help your partner get comfortable. Here is how he can make bottle feeding a success. 10. The position is everything. Let him know about the right one While bottle feeding, he'll need to hold his swaddled baby in the cradle position with the baby's body at a 45-degree angle.

    This one is a personal favorite. Hearing the words “I’ll feed the baby this time” is unbeatable.

  • 1. Make Dinner (Without being asked)

    Cooking dinner every night doesn't have to be a struggle

    Every night your family needs to eat dinner but making all those meals each week after a long day can be hard. Plus eating out can get way to expensive really fast when you are on a budget.


    You know how to make his favorite recipe, its about time he learns how to make yours!

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