I’m not going to make this article a Seacrest bash-fest. The guy has an unmatched work ethic. He’s not my personal cup of tea but I respect his hustle. He works so hard to get (and keep) what he has. I tweeted this about Seacrest getting the ‘Wheel of Fortune‘ hosting gig.:

Now let’s have some fun. Ryan Seacrest is the new host. Yeah yeah. Well I think I can name 13 Massachusetts personalities who could be a better ‘Wheel’ host than Seacrest. I will now make a case for each.

  • Scott Zolak

    Let’s start with the obvious choice: Scott Zolak. In the years I’ve worked in the same building(s) as Zolak I have never seen him in a bad mood once. (And trust me I never want to see him in a bad mood – he’s a big boy.) He’s got the experience as host, he’s used to high pressure situations, and he already rocks the perma-sunglasses like a bigtime Hollywood TV star.

  • Fannie from Frugal Fannies

    She’s a beloved New England icon hocking her beloved threads to her beloved rabid fanbase. I made my first trip to Frugal Fannies this year and while I was disappointed she wasn’t there taking photos with patrons like Mickey in Orlando, I was bewildered and impressed by the machine. But unfortunately they’re not closed Tuesdays anymore so she might not have had time to host ‘Wheel’ anyway. Also – I just found out her name is Kathleen Doxer but she’ll always be Fannie to me.

  • Maria Stephanos


  • Anthony Everett

    I feel like Chronicle and Wheel have similar demographics – and that’s not a slight since I love both shows. I did get my first AARP application in the mail the other day… so I forwarded it to my mom.

  • The Sausage Guy

    Who doesn’t love The Sausage Guy?? Especially when you find yourself in the Fenway area and your stomach is letting you know it needs substenance. Once you hear that bellowing voice screaming about peppers and onions your heart (errr… stomach) feels happy. Why would that make David Littlefield the ideal host of ‘Wheel?’ Every time you spin a Bankrupt, sausage on the house!!

  • Hank Morse

    Hank has been a Boston media staple for years. He’s also one of the genuinely nicest people I’ve ever come across. AND (most importantly) I’ve seen Hank host a variety of different events and he always kills it. Hank may be the best natural host I’ve ever seen. He’s lovable and fun and that comes across in his hosting and every day life. Perfect fit.

  • The Orange Dinosaur from Route 1 in Saugus

    What would he offer in the way of hosting? Nothing really. But he’s HUGE and very ORANGE. Roar!

  • Andy Wong

    While we’re on Route 1, let’s throw Andy Wong from Kowloon into the mix. Saugus Wings on the house for every Bankrupt! OK now I’m realizing that I might just be hungry for Sausage Guy sausages and Saugus Wings. WWE Week would be amazing with Andy as host!

  • Boston Rob

    As long as he rocks that dirty Red Sox cap while hosting I’d eat it up. Plus it would be fun listening to that Boston accent calling out for R’s.

  • John Cena

    The WWE-turned-Hollywood star has had his share of movie roles but I don’t see him yet being above the ‘Wheel’ hosting gig. He looked like he might be joining Good Morning America there for a bit but something must have fallen through. He’s fun, he’s entertaining… the only problem is that if he were host the audience at home wouldn’t even know because you can’t see him.

  • Dunkin'

    I feel like Dunkin’ belongs on pretty much every Massachusetts list so it made this one too. And it would make history. I mean, have you ever seen a store as a TV host?? I didn’t think so. History.

  • Matt Shearer

    I have long-loved Matt Shearer’s brand of fun, offbeat creativity and now so many more are as well. His reporting on WBZ is full of life and smiles and well… isn’t that what ‘Wheel’ needs in a host?? Check out this report he did trying to fix squeaky chairs at Boston Public Library.

  • You

    It’s a surprise entry at lucky #13. YOU. You should be the next host of ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ You have my vote. You should go tweet Vanna White right now.

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