Vanity plates get me through the H-E-double-hockey-stick that is 495 traffic pretty frequently. I enjoy chuckling at fellow roadsters’ creativity. But, as you may know or guess, many vanity plates are rejected by MassDOT for various reasons every year. Here are 15 vanity plates that have recently been rejected and will never see the blinding lights of the Tip O’Neil tunnel.

  • He's all about the hot moms out there...

    One guy filed multiple vanity plates – all with a common theme. And each time one was rejected, he came back with the next variation. What a waste of time. LOL
    He started by requesting MLFLVR. Rejected. MLFS? Rejected. MLFMAN? Nope. The end.

  • Rejected, based on poor taste - BUT IT'S A PART OF US!

    Multiple people every year try to get the license plate PISSA. They all fall to the rejection fairies.

  • These are "too vulgar"

    LMFAO – It’s a no even if you’re sexy and you know it.

    MOIST – If you want that as your license plate you must just be a troll who loves to evoke cringe.

    SHTBX – I would die laughing if I saw a rusty old car rocking that. I actually I want to drive a rusty old car and rock that.

  • Two letters that just aren't allowed to be together...

    MF. One guy in the past year even applied for the vanity plate BADMF. He was a kindergarten teacher.

  • Not the same guy, but...

    You can’t use the letters AZZ together either. It must have been that last guy’s brother who recently tried to get the Massachusetts plate BADAZZ.

  • Hell on Wheels

    “Religion” was given as the reason for the rejection of the Mass vanity plate SATAN.

  • Trendy Sayings

    Not sure why these were rejected. I’ve never personally used any of these words in my regular vocabulary but they seem harmless unless I’m missing something: FLEEK, SLAY (I guess I can see that), and LITTY.

  • Something a little fishy about...

    … the vanity plate FISHY. It got the hook.

  • Sorry "The Shining" Fans

    REDRUM got denied due to violent undertones understandably.

  • GTFO





    Nuh uh.


    Someone actually requested that… and got the N-O.



  • And finally...

    MASSSUX. The RMV obviously likes it here. Denied.

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