Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to think about everything we need to do in order to save the planet. Going green can seem like lots of work when you look at the big picture. Here are some small things you can do to help the planet without making any drastic lifestyle changes. Let’s go green people!

  • Reusable Shopping Bags

    This is an obvious one, but it is so easy! Every grocery store now has reusable bag options available for purchase. Keep them in your car to avoid forgetting to grab them on your way out. This is a small yet manageable way to go green.

    reusable shopping bag

  • Reusable Water Bottles/ Water filter

    Ditch disposable plastic water bottles! We know this has been around for a long time but it is still important. Most places you go these days will have fresh water for you to refill your water bottles…Even airports!

    If you are worried about getting clean water at home, get a Brita filter for your fridge, or a filter for your sink. There are many options here. There are even reusable water bottles you can buy with a built-in water filter!

    View this waterbottle at

    reusable water bottle

  • Paperless Billing

    Are you still getting monthly paper bills sent to your home? These can pile up and be a huge waste of paper. Most credit card companies or any place that is billing you will have a paperless option where you can pay online. If you are worried about forgetting, set reminders on your phone, set up automatic payments, or receive email alerts when it is time to pay.

    bills stacking up

  • Bring a trashbag to the beach

    We need to make sure we are always cleaning up after ourselves. Bringing a trash bag along with us on our outdoor adventures helps to ensure we do not leave anything behind. Bonus points for picking up other people’s trash!

    Cleaning up trash on the beach

  • Opt for less packaging when ordering online

    Some companies will give you the option to opt for less packaging when shipping out your items to cut back on waste. More and more companies are finding ways to go green every day. Do this! Even on Amazon, they give you the option to ship all your items together if possible, instead of in separate packages.

    man opening a package

  • Soap Tablets

    Are you buying new soap dispensers every month? You can keep the same soap dispenser and buy large refills, or use concentrated soap tablets that activate in water. This reduces waste and is super convenient. There are even dish soap, and body wash options!

    Here is a great example, and it comes in 3 different scents:

    man washing his hands

  • Bars of soap/ shampoo / conditioner

    This eliminates the use of plastics in the shower and is a great way to reduce your plastic waste. Going green with shower products is extremely effective. We do not realize how much waste there is with this. There are tons of good products out there that are great for your hair, skin, and the environment! has great products.
    Hand holding natural solid shampoo bar on background of bamboo brush, deodorant, sponge on white wood with green monstera leaves. Zero waste. Choice plastic free eco products

  • Alternatives To Plastic Bags

    Silicon Bags are perfect for food storage when you would normally go for a plastic bag: is a great place to order these.

    Reusable Beeswax bags are a great option:

    Food Huggers: This is a great alternative to plastic wrap, and keeps your food fresh! Visit

    sustainable food storage

  • Use Eco Friendly Sponges

    Experts say you should switch out your sponge every two weeks due to bacteria buildup. This creates a lot of waste and most name-brand sponges are not eco-friendly. This is why we should be using eco-friendly sponges.

    Eco Friendly Cleaning

  • Invest in good tupperware

    Stop using disposable Tupperware and take out containers from restaurants. Go green, use your own, and reuse it over and over again!

    This is a good starter pack:


  • Shop Ocean Friendly Sunscreen

    Most sunscreen brands are actually harmful to our oceans! Applying sunscreen and swimming in the ocean leaves behind a residue that is harmful to the coral and marine life. It is critical that we all use sunscreen that meets reef friendly criteria. Not only are these products bad for the ocean, but they are not so great for you.

    Here is a list of eco-friendly sunscreens: RollingStone.Com


  • Cut the plastic rings off soda/ beer cans

    These end up in the ocean and can strangle wild life. Make sure to cut these up before throwing them away/recycling.

    A person cutting a six pack rings or six pack yokes with scissors

  • Cut the strings off of your disposable masks before throwing them out

    It is astonishing how many masks are now in our oceans because of the pandemic. This is a similar situation as above. These masks can wrap around marine animals and seriously injure/ kill sea creatures. Be sure to cut the strings before disposing of your masks.

    Coronavirus polluting environment. Waves wash up old medical mask waste

  • Use Non Toxic Cleaning Products

    There are a few companies out there that make nontoxic cleaning products that are better for you and the environment. These cut down on the use of plastic by sending you concentrated tablet refills, so you can use the same bottle, and add water.

    Here is a great company with subscription services and refills:

    All natural cleaning products

  • Shop Locally

    Support your local farmers’ market and small businesses when you can. Shopping locally reduces your environmental impact.

    Fresh produce at farmers market

  • No more disposable plates/silverware

    We know it is convenient, but cutting back/stopping using disposable items can really help the environment. We know it can be a little more work for you in the end, but we promise, its worth it!

    woman picks up trash on the beach

  • Shop Clean Beauty Products

    Make sure your beauty products are clean. Do research before using them. Be sure they are not being tested on animals and that they do not contain harmful ingredients.

    Here is a great way to check if your skin care is clean: HERE.

    Woman shopping for beauty products

  • Recycle Correctly

    Look up the recycling rules in your county. This may seem silly but they vary by area, and we need to make sure we are doing this correctly.

    visit for any recycling questions.

    Man recyclying