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You may notice some huge red flags in your partner that, at their most innocent, suggest he may not know how to be a good boyfriend, and at their worst, point to emotional abuse or a toxic relationship in the future.

It’s true that we all have our own peculiarities and quirks, but there are certain warning signs to be wary of that aren’t just weird—they might be signs of a bad partnership.

If your new boyfriend is demonstrating any of the following symptoms, then your partnership may not be as successful as you hoped. Rather than sitting back and hoping for the best, you may want to get out of dodge if you notice any of these warnings.

  • 1. He’s never been in a serious relationship

    You might be flattered to be his “first” but don’t flatter yourself. There’s probably a good reason no other woman has given him a chance.

  • 2. His friends aren't cool

    Not like The Fonz cool (that’s still a relevant refrence right?) but more like they are a bunch of mysoginist pigs.

  • 3. He's the life of every party, and the party never ends

    If your guy has chugged more beer funnels in the past week than glasses of water, that may be a sign he’s too immature.

  • 4. He always has something bad to say about everyone

    A pretty big red flag. If he has nothing good to say about anyone else, what do you think he’s saying about you behind your back?