If I asked you which US state has the worst drivers, what would you say? I bet you either just said New York or Massachusetts, didn’t you? Meanwhile THIS study by FLT Law says that New Mexico has the worst drivers and Massachusetts doesn’t even make the Top 10!! Still, we in the Bay State regularly make many “worst driver” lists every year too. So what makes Mass drivers so annoying? We went right to the source and asked Massachusetts drivers what their biggest pet peeves about Massachusetts drivers are and the top results can be found below.

Some Massachusetts Driving Pet Peeves that just missed the Top 5…

Oh my gosh I could write a book just based off my own frustrations. But this isn’t about me. Breathe. Ok, I’m good. Some recurring answers we got from Massachusetts drivers when we asked what annoyed them about other fellow Massachusetts drivers included:
“When you go to pass them and suddenly they wake up, slam the gas, and race you to the death.” (Paraphrasing.)
“When they’re parked at the pump… and they’re not even there for gas!”
“Tailgating, tailgating, tailgating!!”
“People that start creeping forward at a red light until they’re practically in the intersection, only to drive slow AF once it actually turns green.”
“Not accelerating up the on-ramp. You’re left trying to merge at 45 miles an hour.”
“People who cut you off. Even worse: people who cut you off then immediately hit the breaks!”
“Traffic.” (Enough said. lol)

And these are only some of the Massachusetts Driving Pet Peeves that didn’t make the Top 5 most mentioned! We’ll get to those now. By the way, I’d love to continue finessing this list so if you have any Massachusetts driving pet peeves to add to our lists, please do! DM me on Instagram @jacksonblueshow – I look forward to hearing your angst! 🙂

  • "Use Ya Blinkah!"

    It’s such an issue around here that MASSDOT even made that highway sign famous. “Use Ya Blinkah!” It’s not just a statement. It’s a way of life. And a daily frustration around here.

  • "Learn to Ride the Rotary!"

    Before I moved to the Boston area I lived on Cape Cod for a while. That was my first intro to rotaries (or roundabouts if you will). I understand how daunting they can appear to newbies since I remember being very overwhelmed myself at first. However, please never ever stop inside a rotary to let someone enter. No, no, no.

  • "The left lane is for passing!"

    These next two are two of my worst hot buttons. I feel like it’s almost become normal for drivers to get on the highway and immediately make their way to the far left passing lane for travel where they settle in and travel 5 miles under the speed limit. Meanwhile getting passed by cars in the other 1 to 3 lanes constantly. Can we please get back to using the left lane for passing? Not for getting passed?

  • "Do you know what that triangle means?!"

    Do they even teach about the humble ol’ yield sign in driver’s ed anymore? It’s gotten so bad that when I actually see someone obey it correctly I feel overjoyed. I applaud them and feel like sending them a thank you card.

  • "Get off your phone!!!"

    Nothing funny here. If you’re still face-in-your-phone while driving nowadays there’s really no excuse. I know our society is phone-addicted (I’m guilty too) but let’s leave the phones to when we’re not behind the wheel. If you do, it’ll probably save a life at some point. Maybe even your own. Let’s do better.

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