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It’s National Golf Lovers Day. On this special occasion, I thought it would be fun to showcase some of the best golfers in country music. And by the way, what is it  with golf and country music stars? So many of them that appear to be nearly as comfortable with a golf club as they are with a guitar.

Most country music fans have heard that Jake Owen came very close to a professional golf career. Had it not been for an injury, we might not have had such iconic country hits as “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,”  “Anywhere With You,” and “Beachin’.” Most just play for the fun and competition. It makes sense that country artists gravitate to the sport of golf. They usually have some downtime while touring and before each night’s performance.

In 2018, during a Country 1025 Street Party interview with Darius Rucker, we talked a bit about golf. Darius shared a little about his golf game, his very good friend Tiger Woods, and some of the country artists he has played with who are excellent golfers. Each one of them is listed below, and one more he didn’t mention.

  • 1. Jake Owen

    How can one guy have so much? Jake Owen has looks, charm, talent in music and talent on the golf course. With golf, it’s got to be his pre-shot game that really gives him the edge. Someone sign this guy up for Dancing With The Stars!

  • 2. Darius Rucker

    When one of your best friends is Tiger Woods, you better have game. Darius and Tiger have been friends for a very long time, how could that work ethic, competitive spirit and know-how not rub off, at least a little? Darius is said to be one of the best amateurs out there. He certainly seems to love the game, and enjoys talking about it.

  • 3. Charles Kelly from Lady A

    Charles has spent many a day on the course with his good friend Darius Rucker. In fact, Darius told me Charles was an “excellent” player. The height factor couldn’t hurt. Charles is 6’6″! He’s had a long time love of the sport of golf, and also grew up watching the players at Augusta, in his home state of Georgia.


  • 4. Dustin Lynch

    Dustin was a member of the golf team at his college, Lipscomb University. He graduated in 2007 with a B.S. in biology and a minor in chemistry. The “Small Town Boy” star thought about a career in medicine, before choosing a guitar over a stethoscope or golf club.

    Darius + Friends Golf Tournament for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

    Posted by Dustin Lynch on Tuesday, June 9, 2015
  • 5. Kip Moore

    Kip Moore grew up in the golf world. His dad was a pro golfer and Kip earned a golf scholarship at Valdosta State University. Ultimately, he never loved the game as much as music. And, as Darius Rucker told me, he doesn’t even play that often. From my chats with Kip, he seems to perfer the sport of surfing these days.

    Instagram Photo

    Little Vegas Top Golf!

  • Hardy

    Word is Hardy is a pretty damn good golfer. Remember when this happened, back in March?

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