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Has your phone been giving you those pesky “storage almost full” notifications? Have you been hit with the perfect moment of inspiration for a photograph but you can’t snap it because your phone doesn’t have enough space? Well – fear not – we’re here for you with 6 Easy Ways To Free Up Storage On Your Phone. Let’s begin…

  • Back Up to the Cloud

    Saves space on your device AND it’s a smart idea for security.

  • Clear Your Cache

    Cached data is used to help your apps perform better, but it eats up storage space like Joey Chestnut at a neighborhood cookout.

  • Move Files to an SD Card

    Not a great option for iPhones and some Android phones – but for others this can be very beneficial.

  • Delete Message Attachments

    This one gets me all the time! If you send funny photos back and forth with friends, remember to clear them out every once in a while. Those funny photos can snowball quick and bring on the “phone storage full” notifications.

  • Delete Some Apps!

    You can always re-add them later so if you have some apps you’re not using, bye-bye! You’ll save some storage space and Marie Kondo will be proud of your tidier appearance.

  • Clear Out Saved Media Files

    Old podcast episodes, voicemails, music, and videos may be eating away at your storage – especially those old podcasts, those files can be BIIIIIGGGG. Delete.

  • How To Check Your Phone Storage And What's Eating It Up?

    On iPhone:

    1. Tap on Settings.
    2. Then, choose General.
    3. From there, select iPhone Storage.
    4. At the top of the screen, you can check out how much storage is used on your iPhone, what content takes up the most space, and how much memory is left.

    On Android:

    1. In Settings, select Battery and device care (may also be Battery Care).
    2. Then, click on Storage.
    3. From there, you can see what’s taking up space on your phone.