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A new study by WalletHub just named New Hampshire as the second least sinful state in the country! Nevada was obviously most sinful – how can you put any state other than the home of ‘Sin City’ at the top of that list? Wyoming topped the least sinful list, followed by good ol’ New Hampshire.

But… I’ve lived in New Hampshire and while I enjoyed my time living there, nothing ever struck me as virtuous or extremely innocent and overly pure. I mean the motto is “Live Free or Die!” I feel like any state that is bold enough to put DEATH in it’s state motto isn’t the prudest of the bunch.

So to prove that New Hampshire has an edge to it I set off to find business names in the state that would help paint that picture for me. These are 6 actual New Hampshire businesses. To the best of my knowledge they’re all still in business though don’t come at me hard if any have closed. I think the important note is that they existed and they existed recently at the very least.

By the way, if you’d like to see that WalletHub study, check out the methodology they used to get there, and get the complete 50 state top to bottom sinful state rankings – CHECK IT OUT HERE!

And now I present to you 6 New Hampshire Business Names That Prove That New Hampshire Has a More Sinful side. While these businesses won’t put New Hampshire at the top of the list above Nevada, maybe it’ll move it up to 46th? Progress. Also, hopefully a couple of these NH business names will give you a chuckle. We’ve got some creative, twisted people out there in New England and I love your guts.

  • Goin' Postal

    Goin’ Postal in Salem calls themselves your “Friendly Neighborhood Shipping Center.” Friendly…. til they GO POSTAL! Kidding, they’re actually nice.

    A worker in a warehouse preparing goods for delivery

  • Bump and Grind Auto Body

    Bump and Grind Auto Body in Kingston does exactly what it sounds like they do: porn. I mean auto body. They fix cars. Right.

    woman driver using mobile phone during problem car. Breakdown or broken car on road. Vehicle Insurance, maintenance and service concept

  • You're Fired

    You’re Fired has locations in Nashua, Salem, Bedford, and Concord. Can you guess their business model? Paint Your Own Pottery & Mosaics!! Fun!

    Empty two plates (dish and bowl). Table setting for two on wooden table

  • Curl Up and Dye

    Curl Up and Dye in Plymouth might have the most “sinful” name. Though notice it’s “dye” and not “die.” Big difference there. Curl Up and Dye is a creatively named HAIR SALON.

    Beautiful black woman in bath towel using hairdryer after shower at home

  • Miss Behavior

    Miss Behavior in New Durham isn’t actually a misbehaver. She helps fix misbehavior and instill some etiquette into her paying students.

    Man eating pasta with bad manners

  • Not The Average Hooker

    Not the Average Hooker is in Lee, NH. Gosh it’s NOT what you may assume at first. A “hooker” is another name for a tow truck driver. If you didn’t know, now you know, there’s your clarity. Definitely makes you take a second look…

    Tow truck towing a broken down car on the street

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