Taylor Swift fever is real. And this (pleasurable) sickness has been going strong for years and years. 6 songs written by Taylor Swift for other artists. What’s really impressive about Taylor Swift to me is that she’s continuously re-inventing herself while also staying very true to herself. This way she keeps new fans and turns them into superfans, while always attracting new fans along the way. She’s obviously an immensely talented singer but she’s a songwriter too and we’re about to give you 6 songs written by Taylor Swift that were recorded by other artists. Some you may already know were penned by Taylor Swift, others may be a bit of a surprise!

I’ve had the pleasure of playing Taylor Swift on the radio throughout my career. I played “Love Story” when it was new. I played “Shake It Off” on the air when it was new. Same with “Blank Space” and pretty much all of her releases. In a way I feel like Taylor Swift’s musical career has paralleled my radio career. As she changed genres so did I. I’m just waiting for her to come back and re-join me on country radio. lol

But this article isn’t about me in the least. It’s all about Taylor. Even though I’ve been a fan of Taylor since Day 1, I was still pretty surprised by a couple of the songs on the following list.

How crazy would it be to be an artist with a song written by Taylor Swift?

It seems like it would be very crazy to me. Most of the songs Taylor Swift has written for other people were written by her early in her career. Artists who got a Taylor Swift-written song didn’t get the magnitude of having this song as “their song” when it was presented to them, I’m sure. They might have even said “who’s that?” after finding out Taylor Swift wrote the song being pitched because she was so fresh in the game. Knowing what we know now makes all of that just sound comical. It’s like another radio station I worked for’s tale of Britney Spears. She came by as a new artist and played some songs for the staff. Then the station had her record some nice things about the radio station – you know, the types of things you hear between songs promoting the station quickly. The funny part of the story? They never even recorded. They just told her they were recording. They figured they’d never use those recordings anyway. That same station never again had the chance to get Britney Spears to record those drops.

6 Songs Written by Taylor Swift for Other Artists

So let’s travel back in time and re-visit these 6 songs written by Taylor Swift which you may not realize she held the pen for. I’ll give you the song, who sang it, and a YouTube video of the song to help refresh your memory.

  • "You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home"

    You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home” was a song sung by Hannah Montana (Or Miley Cyrus if you’re talking about her secret identity) for the “Hannah Montana Movie” in 2009 and YUP, Taylor Swift wrote it! Disney Channel Games 2007 - Ballpark And Concert - songs written by Taylor Swift

  • "Better Man"

    Taylor Swift wrote “Better Man” by Little Big Town. It was recorded in 2017. While the song wasn’t written for Little Big Town, Taylor had written the song and thought it would be perfect for the quartet. She was right – it went right to #1.

  • "Two Is Better Than One"

    “Two Is Better Than One” was a 2009 song officially by Boys Like Girls. But it was really an event song in it’s time because it was a duet between then significant others Martin Johnson from Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift, who wrote the song. Steamy!! (at the time.)

  • "Babe"

    No, Taylor Swift didn’t write the theme to the movie about the cute, little pig (see “Babe” the movie). We’re talking about “Babe,” the smash country hit by Sugarland. She provides guest vocals on the track too! Sugarland must think it’s really cool that they have a Taylor feature. No big deal. haha

  • "Best Days of your Life"

    Another country credit for Taylor Swift. “Best Days of Your Life” was a 2008 song by Kellie Pickler. She released the Taylor Swift-written song 2 years after she finished in 6th place on season 5 of American Idol. It peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot Country chart.

  • "This is What You Came Here For"

    This is the most surprising of the bunch to me. Taylor Swift wrote “This is What You Came Here For” by Calvin Harris & Rihanna?!? That was a monster song and I personally never knew that until about 3 minutes ago. If you already knew this musical nugget (and you very well may have, Swifties), just remember how shocked you were when you found out. That’s me now. Let’s all listen to it together now because it’s still a baaannnngggeeerrrrrrr:

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