Barbie has come a long way since releasing their first doll 1959. In 2015 they started making female hero dolls, making their slogan “you can be anything.” In 2018 they launched a female role models series of dolls, and add new ones each year. With dolls like Rosa Parks, and Frida Kahlo, Barbie has taken massive steps to inspire young women. Barbie is even making 12 female role model dolls in honor of International Women’s Day.

We all had our favorite Barbie’s from our childhood, that special Barbie you begged your mom for and never put down. Remember those mermaid Barbie’s with hair that changed color in the water? Or the special limited edition Holiday Dolls you just HAD to have? From the very first Ponytail Barbie doll to the recent Barbie Inspiring Women series, take a look back at the most epic Barbie Doll’s of all time.