Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

If you won $500, what would you do with the money? Let’s not be sensible for a moment, and not think making a car payment, rent or bills. You deserve to have some fun, and the fact is the money wasn’t there before. You won it! So, it’s not like your spending your own money on something frivolous. You find a few suggestions of experiences and items you may want to spend your newfound money on. Here are 7 awesome things you could buy with $500!

Ponder over these ideas and see if any of them fit you best. Would you want an adventure? Or would you go for a large quantity of something you love like in everyday life…beer or coffee. Perhaps you’d like a change of atmosphere. Getaway or fly away, you can do it with an extra $500.

Depending upon the time of year you can score some really good deals on weekend getaways or flights to warmer places. Dining out once a week for 5 weeks at no cost certainly is enticing. Here’s a thought, you could be sensible and extravagant simultaneously. Hire someone to spring clean your house. Alternatively, you may want to opt for a car detailing two times this year.

Choices, Choices

Oh, the possibilities are endless. I consulted with friends and co-workers considering this list of 7 awesome things you could buy with $500. All agreed these are a few excellent ideas to consider, should you come upon this extra money. Scoring 5 Benjamins won’t change your life, but you sure could have some fun with it! Life is short, go somewhere, get those cool boots you don’t need or simply pamper yourself.

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In no particular order, take a look at 7 awesome things you could buy with $500. Try manifesting this prize money, and happy dreaming…


  • 1. Dunkin' Coffee

    87  Medium Dunkin’ Cold Brews

    111 Medium Original Dunkin’ Ice Coffees

    For those who like to elevate their coffee game, the Cold Brew is for you (and me). Made with Arabica beans “steeped overnight in cold water for 12 hours to slowly extract the flavor, making it an ultra-smooth, full bodied cold coffee with a sweeter, rich chocolatey taste”(Dunkin’).

    Oh, and by the way, it’s also great to use when making espresso martinis at home! We “coffaficionados” will pay on average roughly $5.73 for a medium Cold Brew. If you prefer the original Dunkin’ Iced Coffee, good on ya and you’ll pay a little over a dollar less. A medium Dunkin’ original iced is about $4.48, so go nuts because you can get 111 of them for $500

  • 2. Rent a Cottage

    2 nights at a Cape Cod Cottage

    Depending on the time of year, you could rent a home on AirBnB for a couple of nights. I found an entire cottage in Yarmouth available to rent for 2 nights in June for under $500. That includes cleaning fees an service fees. It’s for Saturday through Monday, June 8-10. It’s walking distance to all the shops, restaurants and even a waterpark. And there are many other options.

    Check out the rates all over the Cape. If you go before July and after August, you’ll find some great deals.

    Cottage in Yarmouth · ★4.93 · Studio · 4 beds · 1 bath

    Apr 26, 2024 - Entire cottage for $130. Welcome to Periwinkle Cottage! This adorable 1 room cottage is nestled in a village of quaint little cottages. It is perfect for 2 adult or 2 adul...

  • 3. Live Music

    2 Concerts Tickets

    Concert season is upon us! Who do you want to see? Well, with a little luck you could score a pair of concert tickets and some great seats or pit tickets to see one of your favorites this summer.

    Kenny Chesney is coming back to Foxboro, after taking a year off from Stadium shows. He’ll be at Gillette Stadium, the birthplace of No Shoes Nation, August 23-25. I found 2 tickets in the Lower Section seating. Section 103, Row 18 – totaling $447 (before fees).

    There are so many shows coming to town, including the Boston Calling Music Festival, this year featuring Ed Sheeran, Tyler Childers, The Killers and many more. Treat yourself to a night of live music.

    Tour Dates and Tickets | Kenny Chesney

    Get more information on Kenny Chesney tour dates, venues, and tickets.



  • 4. Get on the Table

    5 Massages

    Nothing feels more decadent than a day at the spa. Indulge yourself with the gift of massage. Let the stress and tension that has built up in your body just melt away. Whether deep tissue, Swedish or a relaxation massage any time spent on the heated massage table is so good for you. The average massage will in Massachusetts will cost you about $100 plus tip.

    Give yourself 5 massages to spread throughout the year, average 1 every 2 1/2 months. Sheer heaven!


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  • 5. Laugh All The Way from The Bank

    19 Comedy Shows 

    Laughing is good for the soul, so take that $500 and go to 19 comedy shows! Or bring a friend and see 9 shows in the Boston area. Laugh Boston tickets run about $33 for the weekend shows. While over at the Improv Asylum, tickets are, on average, $35 for a weekend main stage show.


  • 6. Fly away

    2 airline tickets 

    2 nonstop airline tickets to Washington, DC (plus car rental)

    2 nonstop airline tickets to Orlando, Florida

    Get away! Fly away to a city or area you’ve never seen for a weekend or a week.

    Have you ever been to Washington, DC? It’s a great city filled with some spectacular sites and free museums. Right now you can grab some great deals on airline tickets. I found JetBlue flights starting at just $55! (The return is $55 – the departing flight is $60). That leave plenty of money left over for a car rental.

    Is Disney calling? For June 8-10 (Fri-Mon) JetBlue tickets start at just $94 one way. $105 on the returning flight. The total with taxes comes in under $500 at $392.40. Use the rest to go out for a nice dinner!


  • 7. Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

    14 Standing Room Only Red Sox tickets= $434 (before fees) 

    How would you like to bring 14 of your friends to America’s most beloved ballpark, Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play? Standing room only tickets at Fenway for a game on Friday May 24 are just $31 each. That brings you total to $434, before all the fees. Who needs a seat, when you are free to roam about the park.

    4 Grandstand Tickets for Opening Day at Fenway = $440 (before fees)

    Game on! So, this year’s team isn’t likely to be playoff contenders, a night at ye ole ballpark is always fun.

    Fenway Park

    (Photo by Carolyn Kruse)

    Buy Red Sox Tickets | Boston Red Sox

    Your one-stop-shop to buy tickets to every Red Sox home game this season.

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