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Have you ever watched Man Vs. Food and thought to yourself “I could do that”? Well it’s time to put the food where your mouth is because here are 7 Food Challenges Around New England You Can Take On right now. Joey Chestnut ain’t got nothing on you…

  • Eagle’s Challenge, Eagles Deli and Restaurant

    Eagle’s Deli is located at 1918 Beacon St. in Brighton and they’ve been boasting the Eagle’s Challenge for years. You must devour 6 pounds of burgers, 24 pieces of bacon, 24 pieces of American cheese & 5 pounds of french fries in one hour. Succeed and you get a $100 gift card, a t-shirt, and your name on the wall. Lose and it’ll cost you $69.99 and the loosening of a notch on your belt.

  • Moose Burger Challenge, Wolfe's Tavern

    Wolfe’s Tavern is located at 90 North Main St in Wolfeboro, NH. Here you can attempt to crush the “Moose Burger Challenge.” You get a 2-pound burger topped with a half pound of bacon, half pound of cheese, and the fixin’s, served on a house-baked loaf of bread with a full pound of fries on the side. Complete it and get a. t-shirt, a $15 gift card, and your. name on the wall.

    Here’s another of their creations, the Poutine Burger:

  • The Green Mountain Feast, Original General Store

    Head to Pittsfield, Vermont for the Green Mountain Feast Challenge at The Original General Store. Try to mow down six pancakes, two pieces of French toast, six eggs, six strips of bacon, two orders of home fries, and two orders of toast in 30 minutes. Do it and the meal’s on the house. Fail and it’ll cost you $18.95 (at last check).

    They have lots of other delicious options here including their blueberry babka:

  • Lil Al's Challenge, La Famiglia Giorgio’s

    Head to the North End for this pile of food on a plate. While delicious, Lil Al’s Challenge is pretty daunting: Three pounds of homemade gnocchi, 4 cut up chicken cutlets, and broccoli in a pink vodka sauce – clean your plate in one sitting and you’ll be the proud owner of an “I Ate the Plate” t-shirt.

  • Awful Awful Milkshake Challenge, Newport Creamery

    Newport Creamery has 10 locations across Southern Mass and Rhode Island where you can take the Awful Awful Milkshake Challenge on. You must drink down 3 of their not-so-awful 24-ounce Awful Awful milkshakes in one sitting. If you can finish all three you get the prize – your fourth milkshake for free. *gulp*

  • Panchillada Breakfast Challenge, Cafe Manzi's

    Cafe Manzi’s is in Worcester and they throw down the Panchillada Breakfast Challenge – an eight-egg meaty omelet wrapped in a large pancake. Oh yeah… and one pound of home fries on the side. You have 30 minutes….

    Cafe Manzi's, WorcesterPanchillada Breakfast Challenge. EAT: An eight-egg meaty omelet wrapped up in a large pancake...

    Posted by Taste of Massachusetts on Tuesday, November 15, 2016
  • The Feedbag Shovel, KC’s Rib Shack

    6 pounds of food – a full rack of ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked sausage and pulled chicken, plus a half pound of baked beans and coleslaw and two pieces of cornbread. Wanna take it on in hopes of winning a t-shirt and your pic in their Hall of Fame? Then head to KC’s Rib Shack, 837 Second St. in Manchester, NH.

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