We have a lot of things that are “very Massachusetts” about us here in Mass. Our buildings are old, we’re littered with rotaries, we love us some fried clams but can’t get on the same page as far as those bellies, and we have no idea what a “water fountain” is. We also at some point will call you “kid” if we’re comfortable with you. Even if you’re 97 years old, trust us it’s kind of a compliment.

So we sat around and brainstormed into fruition a list of things. Things every Massachusetts resident should do in their life. And if they don’t? I think you should be evicted, ala Survivor. And while we’re pretty happy with the items on our list, we absolutely missed a ton of good Massachusetts things! Sooooooo… please look through the items below and wherever you see a hole, another “thing” that belongs on the list, SEND IT TO ME!! You can find me on Instagram @jacksonblueshow – I’ll update this list occasionally with any quality “things” that come in and belong on the list.

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And now that I got my linkies out of my system let’s get to the main event – and why you’re here – 8 very Massachusetts things that every Massachusetts resident must do at some point. Also I just realized that “Ride the T” isn’t on the list and I used it as my featured image for this article – so – RIDE THE T at least once. Alright, let’s go:

  • Cheer for Boston/New England Sports

    This is a must. Even if you’re from Texas and you’re a diehard Rangers fan, there will come a time when you’re at a friend’s house watching a Red Sox game. Even though you’re a diehard Rangers fan, the Sox are playing the Yankees and you better pick the right team to cheer for.

  • Try Manhattan clam chowder

    For no other reason than to disgustedly quip that “it’s not as good as New England” and that “tomatoes don’t belong in clam chowder.” Bonus points for spitting a mouthful on the floor.

    Better than New England?? The answer is “no.”

  • Overuse the word "wicked"

    I mean it’s all the rage now, did you see THAT ARTICLE we mentioned above? I love the word “wicked.” I’ve even heard friends go ham and say that something is “wicked wicked.” That’s a bit much for me…

  • Go to Dunkin' while another Dunkin' is in plain view

    Massachusetts runs on Dunkin’. Lots of Dunkins, actually. We have an unGodly number of Dunkins in Mass. People give birth to their children in Dunkins, name their kids after Dunkin, even marry Dunkin’ locations. Just kidding. I haven’t seen that last one…. yet.

  • Wolf down an order of Saugus Wings

    One of the sweet joys of living in Massachusetts is red dye stains on your fingers from an order of Saugus Wings from Kowloon. And if you time your visit right you’ll be hanging with a gaggle of professional wrestlers. Kowloon is beloved by us and a home-away-from-home for the pro wrestling business.

  • Fight a seagull over a french fry at Castle Island

    Castle Island is a special summertime place. There’s something so perfect about being there on a beautiful day, sun shining, hitting Sullivan’s for a dawg and some fries, and…. holy cow that seagull just stole my hot dog out of my hand!!!

  • Scream at the top of your lungs while you're alone in the car because you're so frustrated about the traffic

    I like to practice this one approximately 10 times a week. Commuting is fun!

  • Overpay for a lobster roll

    We all have our favorite spot for a lobster roll. I have mine! But I only ever go there when I have visitors from out of town because wooooaaaaahhhh those things are expensive!! So here’s my locals-only trick: talk someone else into ordering the lobster roll. Now talk them into giving you a bite. Then order the chicken fingers. They’re good at almost every clam shack in the state and you’ll have enough money left over to pay for parking!

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