Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

Is it in their DNA? It sure seems like it. Dads certainly seem wired to tell bad jokes and puns, perhaps as much as moms are wired to worry. Of course some dad jokes are better than others, but we still roll our eyes and probably always will. Could eye rolling be in the DNA of family members subjected to dad’s seriously silly sense of humor? With Father’s Day closing in, I thought I would scour the internet in search of 9 bad dad jokes that may actually make you chuckle…but don’t tell dad!

According to Merriam Webster, a “dad joke” is defined as:a wholesome joke of the type said to be told by fathers with a punchline that is often an obvious or predictable pun or play on words and usually judged to be endearingly corny or unfunny.” Yup, and the cornier the better, at least according to our fathers. I was able to find a few good ones courtesy of Reader’s Digest, and Country Living. 

Here, I will share 9 bad dad jokes that may actually make you crack a smile. But, don’t tell Dad, please oh please. He will only use it as ammunition for the next round of  one-liners. I grew up with it, and my kids are doing the same…bad dad stand-up nearly every night. Below, you may find a few you might like to try on your friends, because they are that cute.  The jokes are headlined by their subject. Have fun, and smile like you mean it! (Because you might actually)

  • 1. Golf

    Many dads can certainly relate this subject…

    Dad jokes about golf

    Getty Images 

    “Why do fathers take an extra pair of socks when they go golfing?” “In case they get a hole in one!”


  • 2. Knock Knock

    Everyone loves a good knock-knock joke…especially dads!

    Dad jokes knock knock

    Getty Images

    Knock Knock

    Who’s there?


    Nobel who?

    No bell. I just knocked



  • 3. Dad Bod

    Who doesn’t appreciate a dad bod joke?

    Dad jokes dad bod

    Getty Images

    “I thought the dryer was shrinking my clothes. Turns out it was the refrigerator all along.”

  • 4. Fishing

    Lots of dads love fishing. Try this one on yours…

    “What’s the best way to watch a fly-fishing tournament? Live stream!”

    Dad jokes fishing

    Shutter Stock


  • 5. Man's Best Friend

    Dad jokes man and dog

    Getty Images

    “Why did the man name his dogs Rolex and Timex? Because they were watchdogs.”

  • 6. The cornier the better

    This one takes the cake…

    Dad jokes

    Getty Images

    “I’m afraid for the calendar. Its days are numbered.”


  • 7. For the kids

    Not gonna lie…I did chuckle at this one…

    Dad Jokes

    Getty Images

    “I spent a lot of time, money, and effort childproofing my house, but the kids still get in.”

  • 8. Schooling

    Have you heard this one? Don’t tell dad!

    dad jokes alphabet

    Getty Images

    “I only know 25 letters of the alphabet. I don’t know y” 

  • 9. A dad walks into a bar

    …with a bad dad joke. But here ya go!

    dad joke bar

    Getty Images

    “A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve food here.”

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