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Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

Are you like some of our favorite pets and hide under the table at the sound of thunder? With the impending storm headed our way, you may need something to calm your nerves. We all know how therapeutic music can be. And who doesn’t love a good theme? With that said, I present to you 9 big country hits for your stormy weather playlist. We’ve had some pretty bad hurricanes in Massachusetts, over the years. Thankfully this one isn’t expected to be anywhere near those, in power.

Hurricane Lee (now Tropical Storm Lee) may not be making landfall in Massachusetts, but it sure will wreak some havoc on our coast. It will bring us plenty of wind, rain and likely to cause some power outages. First and foremost, please be careful. Listen to the advisories and “don’t be stupid,  you know I love you” (as Shania always says).

Music To Soothe The Savage Storm

Let the music soothe your soul and put you at ease. Crank up some of these awesome country songs on your bluetooth speaker, or slip on your headphones and enjoy. Stars like Kane Brown, Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks and Luke Combs are all contributing to this awesome playlist. So whip up a dark ‘n stormy and push play on these 9 big country hits for your stormy weather playlist. is a great source for ideas on how to protect yourself and your home. Of course you want to have a battery operated radio, plenty of batteries, flashlights and candles. You can track the storm HERE, and keep up to date on the latest. Whether you are in for an inch or rain or 4 inches, 30 mph winds or 80 mph, it’s so important to keep calm. So, turn up the theme music and soldier on. We are New Englanders. We’ve got this.

Check out these country music gems, in no particular order. It’s your stormy weather jams on shuffle.

  • 1. Hurricane- Luke Combs

    Luke Combs scored his first #1 in 2016 with a song he co-wrote about an ex. In “Hurricane,” Combs compared feelings of running into a past love, unexpectedly, to damage done by a hurricane. Love can leave you damaged, just like a storm. But you can always pick up the pieces and find better weather elsewhere.

  • 2. The Thunder Rolls- Garth Brooks

    Legendary. This song is dramatic and powerful as a storm can be. Garth Brooks co-wrote his 6th #1 hit with Pat Alger . Fun fact: It was first recorded by Tanya Tucker. But her version got put aside until 1995 when she put it on her self-title box set (Wikipedia). Tucker’s rendition included an even darker fourth verse. It was also recorded by heavy metal band, All That Remains for their 2017 album. Apparently, Garth’s original idea was to connect the “thunder rolling inside of a marriage and outside at the same time”.

  • 3. Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)-Gary Allan

    The last time Gary Allan hit the top of the country charts it was 2013, and it took a storm to get him there. Gary co-wrote this song about resilience.  Persevering through rough weather to find the rainbow. The song opens with the lyrics:

    “I saw you standing in the middle of the thunder and lightningI know you’re feeling like you just can’t win, but you’re tryingIt’s hard to keep on keepin’ on, when you’re being pushed aroundDon’t even know which way is up, you just keep spinning down, ’round, down
    Every storm runs, runs out of rainJust like every dark night turns into dayEvery heartache will fade awayJust like every storm runs, runs out of rain”

    Brilliant song. And Gary nailed the feeling of pain and hope on the #1.

  • 4. Blown Away- Carrie Underwood

    Carrie Underwood’s 13th #1 was the title track of her album, Blown Away. Much like a storm, the song and it’s production builds. It opens with lyrics that pack a punch:  “Dry lighting cracks across the skies / Those storm clouds gather in her eyes / Her daddy was a mean old mister / Momma was an angel in the ground / The weatherman called for a twister / She prayed blow it down”

    As Carrie always does, she delivers this turbulent tune with plenty of theatrics and power.

  • 5. Perfect Storm- Brad Paisley

    Brad Paisley has long been one of my favorite songwriters. He has such a poetic way of describing any situation. With “Perfect Storm,” Brad delivers guitar licks that sound like thunder. And he describes his love as a “perfect storm.” Check out these lyrics from his 2015 #1 hit.

    “And she destroys me in that t-shirtAnd I love her so much it hurtsI never meant to fall like thisBut she don’t just rain she poursThat girl right there’sThe perfect storm”

  • 6. Thunder In The Rain- Kane Brown

    The song that put Kane Brown on the map lit up country radio in 2016. It’s mighty wind took “Thunder in the Rain” to the top 30 and had everyone asking “who is that voice?” The song’s lyrics drew comparisons of a passionate love and unsettled atmospheric conditions.

    “You’re fire, I’m lightningWe’re burning at the coreFalling and crashingGirl we’re the perfect stormEvery time our hearts collideI can feel our love come aliveIt’s the same, babyWe’re like thunder in the rainWe’re like thunder in the rain”

  • 7. Bring On The Rain- Jo Dee Messina

    Jo Dee Messina co-wrote this stormy song and took it to #1 in 2002. Those background vocals you hear are from the one and only Tim McGraw. The moral of this story is that even when you’re having a bad, don’t get too down because another day is coming. So, go ahead and bring on the rain.

  • 8. Storm Warning- Hunter Hayes

    And yet another stormy debut! The 3rd debut single on our stormy songs list. Hunter Hayes released this one in 2011 as the leadoff single from his debut album, Hunter Hayes. Hunter’s lyrics compare a love interest to a hurricane. His wish was that he had a storm warning before even meeting this love.

    “I’m gonna wish I had a storm warningI’m gonna wish I had a signI’m gonna wish I had a little heads up, little leap-way, little more timeSome kind of radar system locked in on loveI got a feeling by the time the night finds the morningI’m gonna wish I had a storm warningI’m gonna wish I had a storm warning”

  • 9. Raining On Sunday- Keith Urban

    Unlike the other songs on this playlist, Keith Urban’s “Raining On Sunday” is not about a turbulent love or hope for better days. But rather, Keith wanted it to rain so he and his lover in the story here could stay in bed, under the covers, all day. It was on his 2002 album, Golden Road, and quickly became a fan favorite.

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