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Ropes Garden and Mansion in Salem, home to the Hocus Pocus house. It is a beautifully preserved 18th century home with a rich history.

A few days ago I wrote an article about what Classic TV Houses you could afford. Turns out the average person can only afford 3 of the 9 that I found available. Maybe that was selection bias on my part, or maybe it represents a deeper issue. That the dream houses you grew up fantasizing about living in, that were availble to the Middle Class workers of yesteryear like Archie Bunker or Mike Brady are unattainable to the middle class of today. To dig a little deeper I searched for some classic homes from movies to see if those was within the reach of the working class today.

Bad News There Sport

It was even worse. I could only find one house that was in the price range of the average American worker. How? Well the average American Household now only makes $75k a year. Which means the average American can only afford a house that costs $2,200 a month or a total of $338k. Now again there may be houses from some movies that are cheaper, but I was trying to focus on homes you would actually want to live in, or dared to dream of living in when you were a kid watching movies. Obviously the House from Home Alone might not be atainable unless you are working for the mob. But SURELY the house from The Goonies should be in our price range right?

What I did

Just like with the TV Show homes I only went with homes that existed as actual homes and not sets built on a sound stage in Hollywood. They needed to have a real address and a Zillow listing. All of the homes below fit that criteria. So check them out and DESPAIR because you can’t even afford to live in a haunted house built over a Indiginous burial ground.

Which Of These Homes Could You Afford?

  • Mrs. Doubtfire


    • Cost: $5,493,000
    • Address: 2640 Steiner St, San Francisco, CA
    • Beds/Baths: 4 bd/4 ba
    • Square Feet: 3,300
    • Monthly: $35,000
  • Home Alone

    via GIPHY

    • Cost: $5,200,000
    • Address: 671 Lincoln Ave, Winnetka, IL 60093
    • Beds/Baths: 5 beds/6 baths
    • Square Feet: 9,126
    • Monthly: $37,000
  • The Money Pit

    • Cost: $4,200,000
    • Address: 199 Feeks Ln, Locust Valley, NY 11560
    • Beds/Baths: 8 bd/10 ba
    • Square Feet: 14,000
    • Monthly: $20.2K
  • Father of the Bride

    • Cost: $3,600,000
    • Address: 843 South El Molino Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91106, USA
    • Beds/Baths: 8 bd/5 ba
    • Square Feet: 4,339
    • Monthly: $10,300
  • Cameron's House (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)

    • Cost: $1,700,000
    • Address: 370 Beech St, Highland Park, IL 60035
    • Beds/Baths: 4 bd/4 ba
    • Square Feet: 4,300
    • Monthly: $11,000
  • Goonies House


    • Cost: $1,650,000
    • Address: 368 38th St, Astoria, OR 97103
    • Beds/Baths: 3 bd/2 ba
    • Square Feet: 2,336
    • Monthly: $10.24k
  • Poltergeist House

    • Cost: $1,055,000
    • Address: 4267 Roxbury St, Simi Valley, CA 93063
    • Beds/Baths: 4 bd/2.5 ba
    • Square Feet: 2,373
    • Monthly: $6,780
  • Hocus Pocus

    • Cost: $623,000
    • Address: 4 Ocean Ave, Salem, MA 01970
    • Beds/Baths: 3 bd/1 ba
    • Square Feet: 1,305
    • Monthly: $4,000
  • A Christmas Story

    • Cost: $188,000
    • Address: 3159 W 11th St, Cleveland, OH 44109
    • Beds/Baths: 4 bd/2 ba
    • Square Feet: 2,152
    • Monthly: $1,481

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