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A Random Stranger Keeps Sending Me Money On CashApp And I Don’t Know Why

Sophia has been getting random donations on CashApp and she doesn’t know who they are coming from or if they’re meant for her or another person. Should she say something or give the money back?


Here’s Sophia’s CashApp Story:

Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Sophia. Hey, Sophia.

Sophia: Hi.

Jonathan: So you have a problem that I think a lot of people out there would love to have. You just get random money sent to you by random people. What’s going on?

Sophia: Yeah. My problem is kind of a privilege, or an adventure. I keep getting money from a random account on CashApp. Like, every month.

Ayla: How much is it 50 to $100?

Sophia: In the last month. So I guess it’s my little weekly gift.

Ayla: So do we know it’s to keep? You keep saying he sent it to me through PayPal. And you know, it’s a guy. You just don’t know who it is.

Sophia: I don’t know who it is. It comes up as AJ or BJ I think. Yeah, AJ.

Jonathan: Right, it has their username or whatever. Does it have a picture?

Sophia: No, it’s just like the icon of a photo.

Ayla: Wow. Okay, so it really is a mystery man. But obviously they know who you are.

Jonathan: They don’t put a note with it?

Sophia: No.

Ayla: Are you in the service industry where you would be collecting some sort of a tip for doing something?

Sophia: No, I work a desk job.

Ayla: You know what? People with a desk job should get tipped for their work.

Jonathan: No. They shouldn’t. No.

Ayla: I’m just honestly trying to think of why.

Jonathan: I’m not even tipping cashiers.

Ayla: How this connection could even happen.

Jonathan: Okay, so you have no idea who this person is. They never put a note with it, but they’ve been sending 50 to $100 to you for the last month.

Sophia: Yeah

Jonathan: And you’re taking the money.

Sophia: Oh, yeah.

Jonathan: Oh, okay. Not even a question.

Ayla: Well, is it just $5,200 or multiple times? So you have like 400 bucks saved up at least.

Sophia: Yeah.

Jonathan: Okay, cool. So let’s be nice. I mean, this person isn’t expecting anything. They’re not saying anything. They’re just sending you money. And you’re fine with it.

Sophia: There’s no caveat to it. It’s just like, here is money.

Jonathan: And not like, hey, thanks for something.

Ayla: You didn’t reach out and say, hey, I think you might be sending it to the wrong person or, hey, who is this?

Jonathan: You would be doing that Ayla?

Ayla: I would.

Jonathan: I wouldn’t, okay.

Ayla: I would feel so guilty just taking money from someone I didn’t know. I would eventually, after a month, have to ask. Hi, you’ve been sending me over $400. Now, was this intended for someone else or do I deserve it?

Jonathan: You know, you would assume you deserve it.

Ayla: Does no one have a guilty conscience anymore?

Jonathan: No,

Sophia: You probably don’t want to. Now I have food money.

Jonathan: Yeah. I would have a guilty conscience. I would say something immediately to this person and say, hey, I think you’re sending the money to the wrong person. I don’t know who you are. Why are you sending me this money? Ayla would not.

Ayla: You think I’m lying?

Jonathan: Yeah, I think you’re 100% lying. There’s no way you would. I could see you coming in one day and saying this. So this is really weird. But for the last three years, this guy’s been sending me $1,000 every Friday night.

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