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What’s in a chicken nugget? We’re not here to discuss that. What we are here to discuss is our love of chicken nuggets! Whatever’s in them, they sure are tasty – to varying degrees. So who has the best nuggz in the fast food game? We drove around Massachusetts with a pocket full of singles to buy all the fast food nuggets and rank them. Here are our results:

  • 6) KFC

    This is currently an honorable mention. KFC announced that they will be offering chicken nuggets nationwide very soon. As soon as we taste them we will update this list. I am hopeful that they will be delishhhhhhhhh. If you try them, please let me know how they are: @jacksonblueshow Thanks!

  • 5) Burger King

    I need a lot of sauce for these. If someone told me that I was eating a deep fried sponge from Tiktok I’d believe it and feel like I was duped. What’s strange is that I looovvveee BK’s chicken fries. The nuggz? Not so much.

  • 4) Wendy's

    See Burger King. Same thing goes here. What’s strange is that I looovvveee Wendy’s chicken sandwiches. The nuggz? Not my fav.

  • 3) Frozen Dino Nuggs cooked in your air fryer

    I know it’s not a fast food joint in Massachusetts but who doesn’t love heading back to their childhood (and the Jurassic Era) for some dino nuggets. The air fryer does them proud and I love drowning a T-Rex face-first in a heaping plop of BBQ.

  • 2) Chick-fil-A

    Man, it was tough putting these at #2 and not #1. They are little nuggets of bliss. Unfortunately my family usually craves them on Sundays and we never remember the Chick-fil-A cardinal-closed-rule until we get there. Then we usually settle for Taco Bell next door because… well…. who doesn’t love a little Taco Bell on a struggle-bus-Sunday?

  • 1) McDonald's

    These are a whole different beast of chicken nuggets. Actually they aren’t chicken nuggets. They’re completely different. I think what takes them to the next level is the Mc. I remember getting stink-eyed by many a McDonald’s employee for ordering “chicken nuggets.” Oh no, no, no. These might be more fried than they are meat but damn are they comforting! They’re an American classic so I had to give them that #1 spot!

  • Agree with our rankings? Disagree??

    Let us know in the comments!! I want to know your rankings! And did I miss any?? Let me know and I’ll add them in!

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