Do you really want to know? Well, you clicked on the article so I guess so. We’ll get to the rude news in a sec.

I love the town I live in so much that I actually kind of wish it was named “Ugliest” so I could guarantee the space I have for a little longer without a crazy influx of new residents showing up because it just made the “Prettiest” list or something. At the same time my hometown pride would definitely leave me feeling a little peeved to be called “ugliest.”

The website came up with the Ugliest City In Every State. It’s equal parts “Mean Girls” and rubbernecking. You don’t want to look but you just have to. Or at least I do. I’m flawed.

OK – here are the Ugliest Cities In Every New England State according to Alot. I’ll throw in some extras I think you might care about as well. And to all of the winners, I think you’re beautiful.


    Panama City, Florida
    What Alot said about it: “Panama City Beach, Florida is a resort town full of lots of fun and scenic views. In a very confusing naming twist, there’s also Panama City, Florida which is just right down the road from the resort town. Unfortunately, people don’t think it’s nearly as beautiful or fun as PCB.”


    Bakersfield, California

    What Alot said about it: “Bakersfield, California is an important city when it comes to agriculture and energy production. But when it comes to looking great? It seems that it’s lacking, and the city leaves some people with strong opinions on how it makes them feel. If you ask this Reddit user, they’d probably tell you to bring some Tylenol.”


    El Paso, Texas

    What Alot said about it: “Sometimes you don’t have words for just how ugly a place is, which was the issue this Reddit user ran into when they tried to describe the looks of El Paso, Texas–“El Paso, Texas, depresses the hell out of me.” It may sound like a vague accusation, but anyone who’s been there knows what they’re talking about.”


    Johnstown, Pennsylvania

    What Alot said about it: “A lot of cities described as “ugly” suffer from other problems as well–namely, crime and poor job prospects. It’s a bad trifecta, but, unfortunately, it’s the exact mix of problems that Johnstown, Pennsylvania is suffering from. As a former major mining city, Johnstown is declining in more ways than one.”


    Albany, New York

    What Alot said about it: “If you’re not a fan of the big city, you’d probably think that New York City is the ugliest place in the state. However, there’s actually one city in New York that some people hate even more than the Big Apple–Albany. It’s the state capital, so Albany is definitely where business gets done, but it’s not somewhere you’d want to visit for fun.”


    Camden, New Jersey

    What Alot said about it: “New Jersey as a state gets ragged on pretty hard about being a terrible place to live. But there aren’t many places in the state that get more individual hate than Camden, New Jersey.  It’s typically pegged as a place that’s not that pretty but also pretty sketchy! That’s never a good combo.”


    Essex Junction, Vermont

    What Alot said about it: “Despite all the flaws a town has, the long-time residents still find a way to look at the bright side. For example, while there are plenty of outdoor activities in Essex Junction, like hiking and kayaking, but there isn’t much else to do, especially in the winter. One resident clarified on Niche that “winter can leave the roads in bad shape with potholes” and the outdoor activities that make everything fun aren’t possible during this season.”


    New Haven, Connecticut

    What Alot said about it: “New Haven isn’t all bad. Time and time again residents and visitors alike point out that the Connecticut city is a great place to experience some delicious food. But, not all parts of New Haven are as glitzy, beautiful, and fun as the more tourist-heavy parts of the city.”


    Harrisville, Rhode Island

    What Alot said about it: ‘Let’s start with the positives. For all the nature lovers and tree huggers out there, Harrisville may be the place for you! “It’s beautiful living in the woods but relatively close to the city and many stores,” a resident of the town wrote on Niche. “Although it is not deep in the woods, we are still able to see wild turkeys on our land and beautiful deer in our back yard. We have had many red robins and blue jays nesting in our trees.”‘


    Howland, Maine

    What Alot said about it: “Howland, Maine, seems to be pulling itself together after years of touting a small population and lackluster views despite living on a river. Residents on Niche applaud the government for making the most of this “closely packed” town and developing the community. That’s the thing about ugly cities, there’s always potential to make them beautiful!”


    Somersworth, New Hampshire

    What Alot said about it: “Somersworth sports many current residents who wish they could leave as sooner rather than later. From high crime rates to businesses leaving at a rapid rate, people found it difficult to love the city they group up in when they rarely felt safe enough to take the occassional evening stroll.”


    Brockton, Massachusetts

    What Alot said about it: “The only architecturally interesting part of Brockton, Massachusetts, is City Hall. The rest of the buildings are organized like a budget version of Paris with all of the straight-edged roads, squished townhouses, and a famous library. At least the city is home to a couple of boxing champions; otherwise, it’d be nothing special.”

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