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Is it sad that most of my favorite cartoon characters from when I was a kid were cereal mascots? I feel like I was raised-in-part by the Trix Bunny (did he ever have a proper name?), Diggum the Honey Smack frog, and Toucan Sam. No disrespect to my parents, they were great parents, I just had a strange obsession with product mascots in general. I always fantasized about eating the Jolly Green Giant. I’m getting off track here…

So what cereal mascot reigns supreme? When it comes to Largest Sales in the US, Honey Nut Cheerios ranks first, followed by Frosted Flakes and original Cheerios. So score 2 for the bee and one for the tiger.

But when it comes to cereal-popularity the folks at cookoutnews.com crunched thousands of cereal-mentioning tweets coupled with geocaching technology to determine the most popular breakfast cereal in each of the 50 states. I’ll give you the most popular cereal in each New England state, I’ll throw in a few extras, then I’ll give you the overall winners in the US.

PS – Shout out to Boo Berry, the only ghost I felt like I could taste just by looking at him.