Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Ayla and Brock

This morning on Country 102.5 with Jonathan and Ayla we had a very special guest joining us—our very own Ayla Brown! Fresh off the start of her maternity leave, Ayla called in to share the story of welcoming her second child into the world. And how she blames Gronk for causing her to go into labor….kind of.

Jonathan: “You might know her from American Idol or from our show, Jonathan Wier and Ayla Brown. It’s Ayla, everybody! Hi, Ayla, how are you doing?”

Ayla: “Thank you. I’m so tired. When I set my alarm to be on with you guys today, I turned over to my newborn and said, ‘Guess what? Mom is going to be on the radio like I’ve never done before.'”

Jonathan: “You sound exhausted. Tell us about it!”

Ayla went on to recount the whirlwind experience of giving birth. It all started on Tuesday night. Despite some earlier signs, she was still taken aback by how quickly things progressed.

Ayla: “It was like 7:45 when my belly started hurting, but I didn’t believe it was contractions. My neighbor, a labor and delivery nurse, came over, put her hands on my belly, and confirmed it. I started timing them—they were every three minutes.”

Jonathan: “Oh wow.”

Ayla: “I called my mom and dad, but soon after, my water broke. We rushed to the hospital, and by 9:45, I was laboring in the tub with no drugs. I said, ‘I’m not going to do it. No epidural. I want to do it all natural.'”

Ayla’s determination was evident, and within a short time, she was ready to give birth.

Ayla: “Ten contractions and ten pushes later, this baby was born at 11:37 p.m. It was the wildest experience with no drugs. I’m so proud of myself.”

Jonathan: “Having done it with and without an epidural, which did you prefer?”

Ayla: “I liked it without the epidural because I liked challenging myself and being able to feel it. Feeling him make his way down felt like we were working together as a team. With an epidural, you don’t feel anything.”

Jonathan: “You mentioned that your husband, Rob, actually delivered the baby himself. How did that come about?”

Ayla: “Yes! So the head was crowning, and the midwife nudged his shoulders out. Then she said to Rob, ‘Do you want to deliver your baby?’ He went in with his bare hands—no gloves—and delivered the baby. It was such an incredible moment.”

Jonathan: “No gloves? That’s impressive! I don’t even like mowing the grass without gloves. What was it like for him?”

Ayla: “He was so calm and confident. He just reached in, caught the baby, and placed him on my chest. We have photos of the whole thing. It was surreal.”

Jonathan: “I could never do it, wouldn’t do it for several reasons. One, I’m not getting paid for it. It’s like having an exterminator over and offering to help them. What’s the point of having a midwife if the husband ends up doing all the work?”

Ayla: “I know, right? But it was a beautiful experience for us. He really wanted to be involved, and it made the moment even more special.”

But the real twist in Ayla’s story involves none other than Rob Gronkowski. Yes, you read that right—Gronk!

Jonathan: “You teased earlier that Gronk is to blame for this. Please explain.”

Ayla: “I’m lying on the bed, bonding with the baby during the golden hour. My husband had just delivered the baby, washed his hands, and started texting our family. He Googled famous people born on May 14th and said, ‘Rob Gronkowski’s birthday is today too.’ Then he looked at me and the baby and said, ‘Didn’t Gronk touch your belly last month?’ And I realized he did. Rob Gronkowski wanted this baby to be born on his birthday. I was telling all the nurses that Gronk touched my belly, and that’s why the baby was born.”

Jonathan: “And the nurses were like, ‘Wait, this is the one we DIDN’T give drugs to?”

Ayla: “That’s exactly what I sounded like. But this child doesn’t look like me or my husband. He kind of looks like Gronk.”

Jonathan: “I think it’s more that Gronk kind of looks like a newborn baby.”

Ayla wrapped up the call by sharing her joy and gratitude for the support from our fans

Ayla: “I miss all our listeners. I can’t be on air every day, but I’m posting on my own socials—Instagram Ayla Brown Official, and Facebook Ayla Brown Music. All pictures of the baby and the family are posted there.”

Now what you call came here for, CUTE BABY PICTURES!!!

  • Ayla And Brock

    Ayla And Brock

  • Hi Mom!!!

    Hi Mom!!!

    Hi Mom!

  • Shhhhh...sleeping


    Baby Brock

  • Still sleeping...

    Mom and Brock

    Ayla and Brock

  • Best buds meeting for the first time

    The Badger And The Bear Meet For The First Time

    The Badger And The Bear meet for the first time

  • One Happy Family!

    Happy Family!

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