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Howdy to the fellow parents out there!! Ayla Brown here! My husband and I are expecting a baby boy any week now, and we are in the process of packing “the hospital bag.” I’m not going to lie, we were a bit overwhelmed because we didn’t know where to start. But thanks to a lot of research and lots of questions to other parents, I think we have a pretty good idea on what to pack in our bags. Hint: DON’T PACK TOO MUCH! That’s what we were told at least. So ladies and gents, these are the essentials that you need to bring to the hospital when you give birth to your baby. Don’t be one of those people who packs a 70lb suitcase because the nurses will think you’re crazy. Hopefully this list will help you as well! If there’s anything we are missing, please let us know!

  • 1. Medication

    Medication for hospital“Any medication you normally take. I kept asking the doc and nurses for Prilosec and they kept saying they’d get it for me. They didn’t. I was there 4 days suffering without my meds.” – Lori M.

  • 2. Fan For The Hospital Bed

    “A battery operated stroller fan with the bendy arm that you can attach to your bed rail …amazing during labor! Then you can use it on the stroller for the baby.” – Jenna A.

  • 3. Long Extension Chord


    “Bring a long charger for your cell phone (like 10ft). The hospital bed isn’t really convenient to the wall outlet. Or if you don’t have a long charger, bring an extension chord. You’ll thank me later.” – Leighton T.

  • 4. Snacks


    Snacks for hospital

    “Bring all the snacks! Though if you’re delivering at South Shore, they have the best Italian Ice! 🥶 I think I ate the entire freezer full when I had my babies!” – Becky O.

    “Def snacks for you and Rob. You can bring plenty of fruits and the nurses are so kind to put them in the fridge for you…” – Gail F.

  • 5. Portable Speaker and Playlist

    “Always got kudos for bringing a portable speaker and a solid playlist” – Jim M.

  • 6. Extra Bras

    The Anywhere Bra™

    Home / The Anywhere Bra™ Your browser does not support the video tag. Your browser does not support the video tag. 136 Reviews Based on 136 reviews $68.00 The ultimate multi-tasker - hands-free two-in-one nursing and pumping bra- with premium feather-light fabric that defies the odds on comfort.

    “Extra bras-after birth tend to be leaky.” -Debbie K.
    “A good maternity bra for nursing!!! It’s a game changer!” – LeeAnn H.

  • 7. Slippers

    “The hospital floors can be cold and uncomfortable. Bring some comfy slippers.” – Gayle L.

  • 8. Comfy PJ's/Undies

    Reusable Recovery Underwear

    You can officially kiss itchy, saggy, hospital-issued mesh undies goodbye with our new Reusable Recovery Underwear. It's our washable, reusable, and way more comfortable spin on the disposable postpartum panties new moms are used to. And it fits your menstrual pads perfectly. With ultra-soft fabric, low compression, mu

    “Don’t forget underwear!! Lol I somehow forgot them and having to wear the hospital ones for even 2 hours while I waited for my husband to get mine from home was awful.” – Kendra R.

  • 9. Baby Clothes

    Newborn Boy Coming Home Outfit Baby Boy Embroidered Monogram - Etsy

    Adorable Personalized Baby Boy Set that includes a Sleeper and a Hat. The perfect customized set for a new baby! A thoughtful one-of-a-kind baby shower gift to celebrate a mom to be! A memorable way to announce your baby's name at the hospital!

    “When we brought our baby home from the hospital we purchased an adorable onesie/hat set. He had his first little photoshoot in the hospital and the nurses thought he was the cutest baby ever!” – Linda B.

  • 10. Boppy

    Original Support for Feeding and Milestones (formerly known as Nursing Pillow)

    Support for you and baby with plush, hypoallergenic fiber fill. The original award-winning Boppy Pillow with a removable cotton blend pillow cover. Need an extra cover? Click Here. Uses Ergonomically support while nursing or bottle feeding. Versatile to grow and support baby during supervised awake time through first y

    “This sounds crazy but hear me out… I had some issues sitting after I had my daughter, and the hospital didn’t have donuts for me to sit on. I would definitely put either a neck pillow or a boppy pillow in your car just in case you need it. they’re a little bulky to be carrying around the hospital.” – Sarah G.

  • 11. Car Seat

    MESA - UPPAbaby

    We designed the MESA with intuitive innovations you can see and features that remove the guesswork. The MESA maximizes ease to minimize error, which allows parents to move forward with confidence and security. Unsure which fashion is right for you? We've got you covered.

    “In order to even leave the hospital you’ll need a car seat and the base. Seriously, they will NOT let you leave without it, so don’t forget it!! I love my UPPAbaby car seat (and stroller).” –

  • 12. Toiletries/Shower Items



    “The hospital will provide things for the shower, but they’re not the best. Bring your favorite shampoo and facewash, and even your own towels.” – L

  • 13. Cough Drops

    Luden's Throat Drops Wild Cherry

    Luden's Throat Drops Wild Cherry at Walgreens. Get free shipping at $35 and view promotions and reviews for Luden's Throat Drops Wild Cherry

    “COUGH DROPS! The air is very dry in there and in the middle of the night being so dry and coughing after a c section was awful!!” -Rebecca L. 

  • 14. Your Own Pillow

    Saatva Latex Pillow

    Bedding products returned within 45 days of the delivery date will get a full refund to the original form of payment. There are no restocking or penalty fees for used products, but we do ask that you wash your used bedding before returning. To make a bedding return, simply call 1-877-672-2882 or email

    Your own pillow‼️ the hospital ones are flat and uncomfortable!” – Stephanie A. 

  • 15. Chapstick

    Burt's Bees Lip Balm Rescue 4 Pack

    Real relief for extremely dry lips.

    “Definitely bring chapstick! The air can get pretty dry in the hospital and then on top of that you’re doing so many breathing exercises that your lips and mouth start to feel really dry.” -Hannah J.

  • 16. Swimsuit for Your Partner

    “Have your husband bring a pair of swim trunks. There may be a time when you’re in the shower and he’s lending a helping hand during your contractions. It’s less awkward for the doctors and nurses coming in if your husband is in a swimsuit instead of his birthday suit!” – Diane T.

  • 17. Ear Plugs/Eye Mask

    “There are a lot of bright lights and noises that will over-stimulate your senses. Having ear plugs and a sleep mask will help drown out all of the unnecessary noise so you can focus on your delivery.” – Nurse Kate