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Blanco Brown is one of the most positive people in music. Even after nearly dying in a head-on motorcycle crash in 2020, he remains super positive so I had no idea how he’d answer Question 10 on this list – but he did!

Blanco had a monster hit in 2019 called “The Git Up” which went 4x Platinum. He was on top of the world – then it was all taken away from him with his life-changing accident. But he’s on the mend and heading back out on tour with new music coming in 2023.

I love Blanco Brown so I was very excited to torture him with these “10 Questions With Blanco Brown:”

  • How ARE you doing? How are you feeling?

    It took my life momentarily (his head-on motorcycle accident) but not forever. I’m in pain everyday but it feels good to feel something.

  • What is the BIGGEST thing you've learned from your accident and recovery?

    You can’t control what people do around you. So you might as well live in the moment and live to your fullest.

  • What is the SMALLEST (randomest) thing you've learned from your accident and recovery?

    Wear pads, no matter what you’re doing.

  • Why are you so positive and how do you stay that way?

    Man I don’t think you should hold on to negative things in life, period. You get better results when you’re positive. You can stay negative all you want but that ain’t gonna change the circumstances.

  • I've heard you're a yodeling expert. What's up with that?

    You’re gonna hear some yodeling on this (next) album. I just love yodeling and the way it sounds and I was always fascinated with it so I started messing around with it and I found out I was actually decent at it so here we are.

  • What about noodling? (Catching catfish with your bare hands.) I hear you do that. Is it scary as hell? And what's the biggest catfish you grabbed with your hands?

    You caught me in a lie. (About not being scared of anything.) Them little things got sharp edges around their lips! When they come up and bite you, it’s like getting hit with staples all at one time. I got tricked into it. I was a kid.

  • The Powerball Jackpot is $1.2 Billion tonight. What's the most self-serving thing you'd buy if you won?

    I would probably buy a jet first. As a matter of fact, I want one of the presidential jets. $224 million that can withstand bombs, nuclear impact, and you can call out all the missiles from it – give me one of those!

  • What do you collect?

    Shoes, sports memorabilia, car memorabilia, and time pieces.

  • What's the strangest thing you've ever had in your mouth?

    Squid. I hate it.

  • Besides sports and weather - What do you hate the MOST about New England?

    Probably the word “new” because it’s Old England. I love it.

  • AUDIO - Hear the complete chat below!

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