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The Boomer Next Door Wastes So Much Water Constantly Washing His Motorcycle And It Needs To Stop

Brittany hates her “boomer” neighbor. He recently purchased a motorcycle which he is constantly washing in the driveway. Brittany feels like it is horrible for the environment to waste so much water, so she said something to him about it. That didn’t go well.

Check Out Brittany’s Call on Her Boomer Neighbor’s Motorcycle

Jonathan: Today for the panic button we have Brittany, who seems like she’s just a good person. So, Brittany, what’s going on?

Brittany: Hey, OK, so I live next to this boomer and he’s like going through a midlife crisis, even though he’s like 70.

Jonathan: More like a three quarter life crisis.

Brittany: Yeah, exactly. But like, OK, so he bought himself this motorcycle. This huge Harley-Davidson. He rides it all the time. It’s so loud, you know, everyone knows what that sounds like.

Jonathan: I guess that’s the point? Yeah.

Brittany: But that’s not even the problem, right? He washes this motorcycle every single day.

Jonathan: Every day? OK.  I think my moped is not supposed to get wet, so it must be nice to have a motorcycle that you can actually you can wash anyway

Danielle: For maintenance? Yeah. Keeping it shined up. He’s proud of it.

Brittany: He first he washes it down with water and then he soaks it up and then he washes it down again and then he washes it down just for a final forever. And he is wasting so much water on the motorcycle.

Jonathan: Right, yeah.

Brittany: And I finally said something to him. I wasn’t being like rude, but I was just bringing to his attention how bad that is for the environment and how much water he’s wasting. And he flipped out. He took the water hose and he sprayed my house with it and told me basically.

Danielle: Did he say get off my lawn.

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah. So you are concerned with how much water he’s wasting despite the fact that I’m assuming it doesn’t affect your water.

Brittany: It doesn’t affect my water bill, but it affects the planet. I mean, we all need to be more conscious of the resources that we’re using every day in our life.

Danielle: How Long’s your average shower, Brittany?

Jonathan: OK. Yeah. Yeah.

Brittany: I mean 10 minutes.

Jonathan: 10 minutes. OK. Does it take him longer than 10 minutes to watch his motorcycle?

Brittany: Absolutely.

Jonathan: OK. Plus just being on Brittany’s side on this, I mean that’s hygiene, that’s health. I mean if you aren’t taking a shower, then you know you’d end up like the wicked witch of the east who couldn’t touch water or she would die and turn green.

Danielle: And I’m hoping that he also showers.

Brittany: Hmm.

Danielle: Wasn’t she of the West, wasn’t she of the West? The wicked witch?

Jonathan: Which one? I don’t care. The East One was green too. I don’t know. It’s been a while. Alright. So I mean, I’m assuming you guys are fighting. This is a standoff. What’s going on?

Brittany: Well, yeah, after he sprayed my house, I was just kind of like, I’m going to call the cops.

Jonathan: If he sprays your house with water again.

Brittany: I guess I can’t really call the cops on him for just watching his motorcycle.

Jonathan: But I mean, yeah, if he sprays your house, I mean that that could be assault. Brittany’s problem is that her neighbor is constantly washing his big loud Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It certainly isn’t a problem that he’s a boomer. But she did say that he is a boomer.

Danielle: Its an act of aggression.

Brittany: Exactly.

Jonathan: He was near 70 and this is like his midlife crisis. Is she right to call him out on it? Washing his motorcycle, wasting resources, wasting water on that. Should she call the cops because he sprayed her house? We would love to hear from law enforcement professionals on this.

Danielle: Free power washing.

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