Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

Oh, how we Bostonians love to boast. But ranking this high, on this list, is not something we are going to be bragging about. This one hurts.

According to the Zumper National Rent Report, Boston has now surpassed San Francisco to become the 2nd most expensive city for renter in the entire country. The supply issue has pushed prices sky high. The report states that the median price for a 1 bedroom rental in Boston is $3,060. This, in the midst of a 0.8% decline in prices,  nationally, in the last month.

So, now you know Boston ranks #2 for the most expensive rent. What city is #1? And what about the rest of the country? Let’s lay it all out for you here.

  • 1. New York City

    2 things that can make die hard Boston fans happy this week. #1. The Yankees blew it in the playoffs. #2. New York has higher rent prices than Boston.

  • 2. Boston

    Gulp. This is a game we want to lose. Maybe next year…

    Seriously, how can any college graduate afford to live in Boston? Or anyone for that matter. Zumper’s Report revealed “Boston’s housing market is undersupplied—but that housing shortage is especially tough to overcome in Beantown thanks to prohibitive zoning laws that favor single-family homes. And new inventory coming online is skewed towards the luxury market, pushing median asking prices even higher.”

  • 3. San Francisco

    The Golden Gate City’s median rents have actually dropped 2.6% this year to an average of $3,020


  • 4. San Jose, California

    $2600 median rental price to live in San Jose
    San Jose And Its Environs

  • 5. Miami, Florida

    1 bedroom median rent price for Miami is $2150 per month
    Florida Grapples With Influx Of Spring Break Tourists

  • 6. San Diego, California

    If you want to live in the city with the most consistently good weather in the US, you are going to have to pay an average of $2500/month
    California Sets Curfew After A New Surge In COVID-19 Cases

  • 7. Los Angeles, California

    Hollywood,baby. You’re going to have to pay for that. Median rental price for a 1 bedroom is $2410

  • 8. Washington, DC

    $2310 is what you have to pay on average, per month to get a place in DC
    Aerial Photo Of The Washington Memorial and Capitol

  • 9. Oakland, California

    Can’t afford San Fran, move to Oakland and save about $860 per month. The average rent price here is $2200
    New Home Sales Rise Sharply In October

  • 10. Santa Ana, California

    California is expensive, even in Santa Ana, with crazy winds and wildfires. To live here will cost you roughly $2150 a month.
    Southern California Wildfires Affect Air Quality In Los Angeles

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