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fluffy hamster in pink sunglasses

Kylie got her daughter a hamster which her daughter named Britney. Britney the hamster is her best friend. Now Kylie’s sister is angry because she wanted to name her first daughter Britney. Even though her sister is single and not likely to have a child soon, she is insistent that Kylie’s daughter change the hamster’s name, but her daughter is dead set on Britney. Who’s side should Kylie be on, her future niece Britney or Britney the hamster?

“Ask Ayla Brown” Call

Ayla Brown: Hi, Kylie. Good morning. Thank you for calling in. I always love ask La Browns when it has to do with pets and sometimes it’s pet name. So what’s going on with this hamster?

Kylie: I just got my eight year old daughter a hamster. It’s her best friend. She loves the hamster.

Ayla Brown: I feel like it’s like a childhood staple. It’s your first little pet.

Kylie: Yeah. She named her hamster Britney. It’s the only name she ever wanted to name her. I don’t know why.

Ayla Brown: That’s such a human name. Mine was cheeseball. Cheeseball would have been great friends with Britney. I’m sure, if they were in the same little hamster wheel community.

Kylie: Oh, I’m sure they would be. Like, to me, I’m like, Oh, Britney Spears. Of course, but she’s eight year old. I have no idea why Britney is the name. It’s the name that spoke to her. Britney the hamster.

Ayla Brown: Got it.

Kylie: So the problem is, my sister came over last weekend and she met Britney the hamster. And when my eight year old daughter and Britney left the room, my sister, it seemed like she wanted to just kill me, I guess, because the hamster’s name is Britney. And she started yelling at me and I didn’t understand.

Ayla Brown: Your sister was yelling at you?

Kylie: Yes, because of the hamster named Britney. Apparently, at some point in our lives together, you know, we’ve known each other our whole life. She’s my sister. Great. But apparently she told me at some point that she wanted to name her daughter Britney.

The Fight About The Name “Britney”

Ayla Brown: Okay. So does she have a daughter? Is she expecting?

Kylie: She is not. She’s not even married. And that’s fine. She’s going to have a kid eventually. She doesn’t have to be married. But here’s the thing. She has no daughter and she’s not expecting. She’s insisting that I make my eight year old change her hamster’s name.

Ayla Brown: Because Britney is already, quote, reserved by your sister.

Kylie: Yes.

Ayla Brown: For that child she doesn’t have. But when she does get a child, God forbid it’s a boy. I mean, my goodness. But if she has a girl, then Britney is reserved for her and only her. And how dare her niece have a hamster named Britney? And am I understanding this correctly?

Kylie: Yes, that’s exactly correct.

Ayla Brown: I’m so sorry you’re going through this. How dramatic.

Kylie: Ridiculous. How ridiculous.

Ayla Brown: I don’t think you’re the only one, Kylie. I think there’s a lot of people out there who get really protective about names. I’m not sure why, but, for example, if my sister wanted to name her new baby, Barrett, and my husband and I already had that name picked out. I would actually probably be a little offended, too. And I would have a talking with her. I don’t know about yelling, but, you know, you get possessive about names. So maybe there’s other people out there who kind of feel the same way and maybe they’re on your sister’s side. I don’t know, but I’d love to throw it out to the phones, if that’s okay with you and see what people think. Is that okay?

Kylie: Oh, yeah.

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